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Apex Legends Aimbot – Apex Legends Skins

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Apex Legends Aimbot before we get into the video people I am giving away 11,500 Apex coins every single month to be in with a chance of Wyndham make sure your, subscribe to this channel and have that bound modification but antiques drop a lot gonna video only there comment down below more details, are in that video description what is going on guys. Welcome back to the channel and I appreciate you being here today I’ve been doing over apex legends video and today, I bring in more details on the battle paths coming to apex legends due to recent data mines and leaks and, even a mishap possible mishap by AMD on Twitter but before we go any further guys if you do enjoy the video and would like, show you support you can by hitting that like button and if you are new around here and enjoy what you see be sure to subscribe okay so in reality. Not much is known about about our past when he picks on legends nothing besides we know it’s coming.

Sometime in March now leaked sir from a while back suggested about pastor was coming on March 12th now, that could still happen and it could still arrive tomorrow but in, my opinion if that was the case I’m sure these one would have mentioned it by now all I can recall, is early spawn stating that there was still a lot of work to, do and about a pass and I believe that was the last week sometime so yeah now although a leak suggested that an image he released the internet which we, saw obtained and the battle pass maybe she could sunscreen now he stated the battle pass was coming on the 12th of March and it stayed, it so on this piece, of art we can see here which is a photo taken of supposedly one of the spawns work in Photoshop now it is interesting to say this was the first time.

I actually saw a clear image of obtained and I can tell you now guys. This actual image of octane is floating around the internet so it was definitely real and like I said the guy. Who took this photograph of these photo shop opened said it stated. About a pass was coming up on the 12th of March I mean like I said it still could happen but I just think. The spawn would have announced something kind it by now what could happen people is maybe it.

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