Apex Legends Hack – Apex Legends

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Apex Legends Hack – Apex Legends

Supported Systems: ALL
FullScreen Support: YES
Bypass obs (can be streamed): NO
Supported processors: Intel and AMD
WINDOWS: 10 (1809,1903,1909,2004)
Built in hwid spoofer


  • Key (Выбор клавиши для Аимбота)
  • Enable (Включить функцию)
  • Prediction (Упреждение на высоту, растояние и движение)
  • Fov Distance Based (Автоматический обзор угла прицеливания)
  • Psilent (Скрытое наведение – Не видно наблюдателям)
  • Hitboxes (Точки прицеливания)
  • Smooth (Плавность прицеливания)
  • Delay (Задержжа перед выстрелом)


  • Player (Подсветка игроков)
  • Box (Обводка)
  • Health (Здоровье)
  • Shield (Щит)
  • Name (Имя)
  • Aimpoint (Точка прицеливания)
  • Distance (Растояние до игроков)
  • Render Distance (Растояние отрисовки)


  • Spectator List (Список зрителей)
  • Norecoil (Отключение отдачи)
  • Crosshair (Отрисовка прицел)
  • Fov (Отрисовка рабочей зоны Aimbot’a)
  • Offscreen (Отрисовка противников вне поле зрения)
  • Offscreen Radius (Растояние стрелок от центра экрана (желательно использовать 100 – 300)
  • Offscreen Distance – (Растояние отрисовки)
  • Added ITEM ESP to weapons, turn on the “X” key

Menu MN

By purchasing this product, you accept the Terms of Agreement:



1.Cheat bypass may stop functioning or be detected at any time (Detected) – Money will not be returned
2. Refunds when the account is blocked – IMPOSSIBLE
3. Some functionality may stop working after updating the game – Money is not returned
4. If you activated the key not on your hardware (Using a spoofer) – there is no moneyback
5. It is forbidden to sell your subscription or transfer to someone else’s hands – Ban subscription


Buy cheat:
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* – When buying a cheat, you should understand that the use of this software is at your own peril and risk, the possibility of a ban or detection of a cheat for such a game sometimes happens.


Configure your PC before starting.
Installing the necessary components and updating drivers.
First of all, you need to install 3 components, the most important! After installation, restart your computer.

Visual C ++ 2017 Both versions 64 and 86

Also be sure to put the NET Framework Download

DiretcX Download

Be sure to run the spoofer before using cheats
1. Be sure you have your license key you were sent upon your purchase.
2. Now that you have your hacks downloaded, it’s time to prep your PC for them, I will make this as simple as possible for everyone.
3. Okay, first thing you need to do is type CFG into your window’s search bar it will look like this; https://prnt.sc/t78kvp
4. Next you open up the Exploit Protections and turn off EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE all the way to the bottom make sure they all say ouff by default!
5. If you turned them all off, it should look exactly like this; https://prnt.sc/t78lc8
6. Next you need to turn off all your firewall protections; https://prnt.sc/t78lpi open that, and make sure you turn off your domain network firewall,next need reboot pc.
7. Now you are ready to run the Apex_Midnight.exe as admin & enter your license key when it prompts you to do so. If you enter it right it should say “Start 5apex”.
Pop-ups DO NOT CLOSE !!!
8. Now you’re ready to run Apex!
9. In the lobby, press F2 to activate the cheat.
10. Menu key is INSERT

If you have Guard Valorant, disable it too.

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