BlackSector PUBG Full version(Aimbot + ESP, OBS Stream, AMD + Intel ALL version)

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BlackSector PUBG Full version(Aimbot + ESP, OBS Stream, AMD + Intel ALL version)

Download BlackSector PUBG Full version(Aimbot + ESP, OBS Stream, AMD + Intel ALL version) for FREE
Hello, im New BlackSector Reseller so i cheap price supply Programs

BS PUBG Full version Info

– BattlEye Anticheat: Undetected
– XignCode Anticheat: Undetected
– HWID Spoofer

Game Version:
– Latest(SteamMail.RuKAKAO)
– Supported all game servers

– Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 with latest updates;
– Intel and AMD processor supported;

– Enable Aim
– Draw Aimpoint
– Draw Aimlock
– Sway Correction
– KeepTarget
– Render Aimpoint
– Show Snapline
– RCS (Recoil Control as in CSGO cheats, you can customize your recoil amount in X or Y area)
– Show Fov
– Prediction
– Visible Checks
– Bullet Drop Correction
– Aim Bone(Head, Neck, Chest, Body)
– Aimbot Priority (Crosshair, Distance, Health)
– Aim FOV
– Aim Smooth
– Two customizable Aim key button
– Weapon configs for the Aimbot (Set up aimbot special config for EACH weapon)

– Box ESP
– Name ESP
– Bone ESP
– Health ESP
– AirDrop ESP
– Distance ESP
– Spectator List
– Team ESP
– Players ESP
– Weapons ESP
– Items ESP
– Loot ESP
– Vehicles ESP

Loot Filter:
– Possible to filted only items that you need;
– Whitelist or blacklist items;
– Hotkey for item filter;

2D Radar:
– Show Radar
– Show Name
– Radar Range
– Point Size
– Point Outline

Color Manager:
– Fully customizable colors.

Friend List:
– Add your friends, custom color and aimbot ignoring players in your list.

Bind Manager: (EnabledDisable features by hotkeys)
– Toggle Aimbot
– Toggle Aim Visible Checks
– Toggle Player ESP
– Toggle Resource ESP
– Toggle Loot ESP
– Toggle 2D Radar
– Custom Panic Key
– Custom Menu Key

– Save and Load Settings
– Profile system

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Aimbot + ESP
1days = 7$
7days = 35$
30days = 115$

1days = 5$
7days = 31$
30days = 100$

Payment : PAYPAL

It doesn’t matter what the question or whatever. Please contact

DM or Discord : VV22#7079

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payment method : paypal
– if you korean we can use banking service

2020/02/21 working good

Please note that cheating is always risk and you should understand this when you purchase cheat. We do our best to keep cheat undetected, but if it will be detected all your time will be frozen and cheat going to update. We dont do refunds once you redeem key!

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