Boston Uprising Offering Free Copies of Overwatch for New Players

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Boston Uprising Offering Free Copies of Overwatch for New Players

Download Boston Uprising Offering Free Copies of Overwatch for New Players for FREE

In a mid-week surprise, the Boston Uprising are offering free copies of Overwatch, along with 200 OWL tokens. While not promoted on their landing page, the Uprising are giving away copies of the game with enough OWL tokens to purchase the recently released All-Star skins.

Boston Uprising Overwatch Giveaway

Boston Uprising Overwatch Giveaway

Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

The promotion comes at an interesting time, as the Overwatch League twitter account teased fans with a surprise coming up in the next few days. Whether it is a new skin, or the much anticipated announcement for Overwatch 2, fans will want to tune it to find out. Fans have been asking for a free to play version of Overwatch, making this giveaway a potential first step to becoming free.

There is a bit of bad news for those trying to add to their collection. The offer is only available to those without Overwatch on their current accounts. It’s clear this offer is aimed at new players into the game, and into the Overwatch League as well. Considering the only thing players can purchase with OWL tokens are OWL affiliated cosmetics, this appears to be a move from the Overwatch League to branch out to more fans.

With just an email connected to a Blizzard account, a free copy of Overwatch is available from now until January 15. Make sure to grab a copy of the game and some OWL tokens by heading to the the page here!

UPDATE: The link is currently down and is not accepting any more submissions. The Game Haus will continue to monitor the site and update this piece if the giveaway becomes available.

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