Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Finn LMG challenge: how to get the new LMG

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Finn LMG challenge: how to get the new LMG

After the four previous mid-season weapon additions you would be forgiven for thinking that you’re about to embark on another hefty grind of 15 or so matches, having to shoot enemies through smoke or quickscope them. Mercifully though, the Modern Warfare Finn LMG challenge only requires seven matches and the action you’ll need to perform is pretty simple, if a little unusual.

And this is a short grind you will definitely want to take on, as the Finn LMG is already looking very mighty in key situations, although its characteristics. One of the best attributes of this weapon is that it has more conversion-style attachments than any of its peers, allowing you to better spec it to suit your playing style. Join us as we show you how to unlock this new gun, plus some quick tips for making the grind as brief as possible.

  • Get 1 melee kill while using an LMG in 7 different matches

At the time of writing there is no shortcut to getting this LMG from the Modern Warfare store, so this is only available by grinding multiplayer for now. Obviously Warzone players can grind this too, but it will be a lot more taxing.

To make this as easy as possible we recommend playing a close-quarters, core mode playlist like Shoot the Ship.

You will want to strip your LMG class down to its lightest and most mobile form, and then just run around looking to melee someone fast. You can check your progress by looking at your loadout during the match, scrolling down to the Finn, and seeing if you’ve progressed at all. And there you have it, how to grab the new Modern Warfare Finn LMG.

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