CS:GO Give Command List (With Weapon Codes)

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CS:GO Give Command List (With Weapon Codes)

Download CS:GO Give Command List (With Weapon Codes) for FREE

Item NameGive CodeGive Command
Kevlar Armor (Vest, No Helmet)item_kevlargive item_kevlar
Kevlar Armor and Helmetitem_assaultsuitgive item_assaultsuit
Defuse Kititem_defusergive item_defuser
Zeus (Taser)weapon_tasergive weapon_taser
Smoke Grenadeweapon_smokegrenadegive weapon_smokegrenade
Flashbang Grenadeweapon_flashbanggive weapon_flashbang
High Explosive Grenadeweapon_hegrenadegive weapon_hegrenade
Incendiary Grenadeweapon_incgrenadegive weapon_incgrenade
Molotov Grenadeweapon_molotovgive weapon_molotov
Decoy Grenadeweapon_decoygive weapon_decoy
AK-47weapon_ak47give weapon_ak47
AUGweapon_auggive weapon_aug
AWPweapon_awpgive weapon_awp
Bomb (C4)weapon_c4give weapon_c4
CZ75-Autoweapon_cz75agive weapon_cz75a
Desert Eagleweapon_deaglegive weapon_deagle
Dual Berettasweapon_elitegive weapon_elite
FAMASweapon_famasgive weapon_famas
Five-SeveNweapon_fivesevengive weapon_fiveseven
G3SG1 (Terrorist Auto Sniper)weapon_g3sg1give weapon_g3sg1
Galil ARweapon_galilargive weapon_galilar
Glock-18weapon_glockgive weapon_glock
P2000 (P2K)weapon_hkp2000give weapon_hkp2000
Knifeweapon_knifegive weapon_knife
Golden Knife (Arms Race)weapon_knifegggive weapon_knifegg
M249weapon_m249give weapon_m249
M4A4weapon_m4a1give weapon_m4a1
M4A1-S (Silenced M4)weapon_m4a1_silencergive weapon_m4a1_silencer
MAC-10weapon_mac10give weapon_mac10
MAG-7weapon_mag7give weapon_mag7
MP5-SDweapon_mp5sdgive weapon_mp5sd
MP7weapon_mp7give weapon_mp7
MP9weapon_mp9give weapon_mp9
Negevweapon_negevgive weapon_negev
Novaweapon_novagive weapon_nova
P250weapon_p250give weapon_p250
P90weapon_p90give weapon_p90
Sawed-Off Shotgunweapon_sawedoffgive weapon_sawedoff
SCAR-20 (CT Auto Sniper)weapon_scar20give weapon_scar20
SG 553weapon_sg556give weapon_sg556
SSG 08 (Scout Sniper)weapon_ssg08give weapon_ssg08
TEC-9weapon_tec9give weapon_tec9
UMP-45weapon_ump45give weapon_ump45
USP-Sweapon_usp_silencergive weapon_usp_silencer
XM1014weapon_xm1014give weapon_xm1014
R8 Revolverweapon_revolvergive weapon_revolver
Rescue Kit (Hostage)item_cuttersgive item_cutters
Dog Tags (Hydra Operation’s Kill Confirmed Gamemode)item_dogtagsgive item_dogtags
Medi-Shot (Operation Wildfire)weapon_healthshotgive weapon_healthshot
Tactical Awareness Grenade (Operation Wildfire)weapon_tagrenadegive weapon_tagrenade
Heavy Assault Suit (War Games)item_heavyassaultsuitmp_weapons_allow_heavyassaultsuit 1; give item_heavyassaultsuit
Night Vision Gogglesitem_nvgsgive item_nvgs; nightvision
Soda Canitem_sodacangive item_sodacan

Kevlar Armor (Vest, No Helmet)

Weapon Codeitem_kevlar
Give Commandgive item_kevlar

Kevlar Armor and Helmet

Weapon Codeitem_assaultsuit
Give Commandgive item_assaultsuit

Defuse Kit

Weapon Codeitem_defuser
Give Commandgive item_defuser

Zeus (Taser)

Weapon Codeweapon_taser
Give Commandgive weapon_taser

Smoke Grenade

Weapon Codeweapon_smokegrenade
Give Commandgive weapon_smokegrenade

Flashbang Grenade

Weapon Codeweapon_flashbang
Give Commandgive weapon_flashbang

High Explosive Grenade

Weapon Codeweapon_hegrenade
Give Commandgive weapon_hegrenade

Incendiary Grenade

Weapon Codeweapon_incgrenade
Give Commandgive weapon_incgrenade

Molotov Grenade

Weapon Codeweapon_molotov
Give Commandgive weapon_molotov

Decoy Grenade

Weapon Codeweapon_decoy
Give Commandgive weapon_decoy


Weapon Codeweapon_ak47
Give Commandgive weapon_ak47


Weapon Codeweapon_aug
Give Commandgive weapon_aug


Weapon Codeweapon_awp
Give Commandgive weapon_awp

Bomb (C4)

Weapon Codeweapon_c4
Give Commandgive weapon_c4


Weapon Codeweapon_cz75a
Give Commandgive weapon_cz75a

Desert Eagle

Weapon Codeweapon_deagle
Give Commandgive weapon_deagle

Dual Berettas

Weapon Codeweapon_elite
Give Commandgive weapon_elite


Weapon Codeweapon_famas
Give Commandgive weapon_famas


Weapon Codeweapon_fiveseven
Give Commandgive weapon_fiveseven

G3SG1 (Terrorist Auto Sniper)

Weapon Codeweapon_g3sg1
Give Commandgive weapon_g3sg1

Galil AR

Weapon Codeweapon_galilar
Give Commandgive weapon_galilar


Weapon Codeweapon_glock
Give Commandgive weapon_glock

P2000 (P2K)

Weapon Codeweapon_hkp2000
Give Commandgive weapon_hkp2000


Weapon Codeweapon_knife
Give Commandgive weapon_knife

Golden Knife (Arms Race)

Weapon Codeweapon_knifegg
Give Commandgive weapon_knifegg


Weapon Codeweapon_m249
Give Commandgive weapon_m249


Weapon Codeweapon_m4a1
Give Commandgive weapon_m4a1

M4A1-S (Silenced M4)

Weapon Codeweapon_m4a1_silencer
Give Commandgive weapon_m4a1_silencer


Weapon Codeweapon_mac10
Give Commandgive weapon_mac10


Weapon Codeweapon_mag7
Give Commandgive weapon_mag7


Weapon Codeweapon_mp5sd
Give Commandgive weapon_mp5sd


Weapon Codeweapon_mp7
Give Commandgive weapon_mp7


Weapon Codeweapon_mp9
Give Commandgive weapon_mp9


Weapon Codeweapon_negev
Give Commandgive weapon_negev


Weapon Codeweapon_nova
Give Commandgive weapon_nova


Weapon Codeweapon_p250
Give Commandgive weapon_p250


Weapon Codeweapon_p90
Give Commandgive weapon_p90

Sawed-Off Shotgun

Weapon Codeweapon_sawedoff
Give Commandgive weapon_sawedoff

SCAR-20 (CT Auto Sniper)

Weapon Codeweapon_scar20
Give Commandgive weapon_scar20

SG 553

Weapon Codeweapon_sg556
Give Commandgive weapon_sg556

SSG 08 (Scout Sniper)

Weapon Codeweapon_ssg08
Give Commandgive weapon_ssg08


Weapon Codeweapon_tec9
Give Commandgive weapon_tec9


Weapon Codeweapon_ump45
Give Commandgive weapon_ump45


Weapon Codeweapon_usp_silencer
Give Commandgive weapon_usp_silencer


Weapon Codeweapon_xm1014
Give Commandgive weapon_xm1014

R8 Revolver

Weapon Codeweapon_revolver
Give Commandgive weapon_revolver

Rescue Kit (Hostage)

Weapon Codeitem_cutters
Give Commandgive item_cutters

Dog Tags (Hydra Operation’s Kill Confirmed Gamemode)

Weapon Codeitem_dogtags
Give Commandgive item_dogtags

Medi-Shot (Operation Wildfire)

Weapon Codeweapon_healthshot
Give Commandgive weapon_healthshot

Tactical Awareness Grenade (Operation Wildfire)

Weapon Codeweapon_tagrenade
Give Commandgive weapon_tagrenade

Heavy Assault Suit (War Games)

Weapon Codeitem_heavyassaultsuit
Give Commandmp_weapons_allow_heavyassaultsuit 1; give item_heavyassaultsuit

Night Vision Goggles

Weapon Codeitem_nvgs
Give Commandgive item_nvgs; nightvision

Soda Can

Weapon Codeitem_sodacan
Give Commandgive item_sodacan

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