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Hello dota 2 addicts, welcome to the site where you can find all kinds of dota 2 hacks. If you don’t have the game then you can get dota 2 for free. You will be able to get universal map hack for dota 2 which has camera hack and is completely undetectable by the steam client. Not just map hacks but also other awesome cheats like getting the free dota 2 items. Dota 2 items hack will allow you to get the awesome items like, Dragonclaw hook, Golden baby roshan, Immortal, Legendary items and arcana of your favorite hero. You can also enable trade hack feature on our new tool which will enable to trade with anyone without any problem. If you have your treasure or chest locked then do not worry because our new dota 2 treasure key hack allows you to unlock all those treasure with just a single click. Dota 2 wallet hack allows you get get money into your steam account which is complete safe to use. We have also made this compatible for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7, Linux, Ubuntu and Mac OS and newer version. Our team had made a huge effort on making this tool completely free to use and is also one of the best hack of 2014. Dota 2 Cheats does not contain any kinds of rar passwords, serial key, activation key, verification key or security key on our downloads. If our hack gets some error then you might have to download the net framework in order to work. We will soon take this hack to the next level by bringing you dota 2 online hack. It will allow you to hack whatever you need without downloading anything but for now you have to download the latest dota 2 hack tool.The online tool will be consisting lots of cheats code and commands for PC in the coming future. You can also increase your MMR because of the vision you get from the dota 2 maphack which is also free to download.


Dota 2 Map Hack
If you have low MMR or you find dota 2 hard than we have the perfect tool for you. This hack allows you to have vision of the entire map. You will also be able to see the invisible units in the map without any problem. This makes you safe from hereos like Goblin Techies and his bombs. This hack will be available soon due to technical problem.

Dota 2 items hack
This hack is our oldest hack which helped us to grow to become this big. We made Version 1.0 of the items generator on November of 2012. It contained only few items and it got really famous. so, We got many request from many dota 2 players to bring the new version with more items. Dota 2 version 1.3 got really famous because we added Dragonclaw hook in our hack. Then we had many demands to add more items so we bought the entirely new dota 2 items hack v2.0. The screen shot of the inventory after using hack is shown below. To download this click here.

Dota 2 Treasure key hack
All the treasure that were being dropped were being wasted. Valve gave the chest to the people so that they could get the profit from people. In order to stop that, Our team decided to make the key hack which will contain all the latest keys that are available to the date. Now, You can just go and open and treasure you want without any problem. This hack will be available soon due to technical problem.

Dota 2 Money hack
This hack is a bit unique from other. This will give you free wallet on your steam account and you can buy anything from the steam market. This hack will also allow you to buy from dota 2 stores and all the latest items. This hack will be available soon due to technical problem.



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