DotA2 – Simply Better Bots v1.1

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DotA2 – Simply Better Bots v1.1

Download DotA2 – Simply Better Bots v1.1 for FREE

I’m happy to announce the newest release of my bots, new things for this version are a rename, and that bots will now buy and use regen in a way that doesn’t get their inventory in a tangle. They will also buy tp’s when they require them rather than having a fixed amount.

So for now, the bots will show up to lane and last hit. They won’t get stuck warding, standing looking at the aegis or going for runes because they don’t ward, do rosh or collect runes. They also won’t buy truesight. Links for the zip (you’re better off grabbing the files from the github for latest version):

Unzip files to the game/dota/scripts/vscripts/bots directory within your Dota 2 install, then manually select the bots when you make a lobby (alternatively you can bring up the console and type ‘map dota’ then ‘dota_bot_populate’ to spawn bots).

If you don’t like the bots item builds you can edit them yourself, just remember that you have to add each component individually and they don’t have access to the secret shop. Current bugs: Sometimes two couriers get bought, when this happens those couriers get fed, so far this has only happened once. When transitioning to boots of travel it sometimes takes them a little time, but they will eventually get there.

Future goals are to get bots to register that t3’s and rax require defending, collect runes, do roshan and a few other things

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