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27292987 - Free Game Cheats

Download AimFall for CS:GO free

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27292987 - Free Game Cheats

05-10-2020 184 0

  • Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Version: 05/10/2020
  • Developer: Nixware

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Just an excellent cheat for Counter Strike: Global Offensive – AimFall, which is perfect for both amateurs and experienced cheaters. Although the utility is not yet fully developed and not brought to the functionality comparable to the paid ones, as well as possible errors and failures, but the author claims that this is a matter of time, and in the future everything will be fine. The next updates will fix them.

In terms of features, the cheat is mostly configured for a quiet game, meaning you can use it both for games on official servers and for games on classic public servers. You can also configure it for an HVH game and try your luck on servers for cheaters. Again, the main functions are LegitBot and RageBot with the ability to configure through the cheat menu, which is called on the INSERT key.

How to use it: 
1. Download the attachment and unpack the archive.
2. Launch CS:GO.
3. Disable antivirus and Windows Defender while the cheat is running.
4. Inject aimfall.dll
5. Open the menu with the INSERT key.
6. Done!

Archive password: 123

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