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09130034 - Free Game Cheats

Download hack for CS:GO – Godware

Download Download hack for CS:GO – Godware for FREE

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09130034 - Free Game Cheats

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  • Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Version: 2.8
  • Developer: Edwardfly

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Godware – at the moment, this is one of the working cheats for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, which is completely Undetected at the time of the update. The cheat functions are the most common: Legit, Rage, Visuals, Skins, everything we are used to seeing, you can use it both for playing on matchmaking, and on public servers, without fear of getting a VAC ban, with it you can easily win and increase your rank to Global Elite.

How to inject? 
1. Download Godware.dll
2. Download any Manual Map injector (we recommend Kirin Injector)
3. Launch CS:GO
4. Inject Godware.dll using your injector
5. Done! Menu – Insert              

Folder with saving the cfg – C:/Godware

Archive password: 123 


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