External R6S Cheat (ESP + Aimbot and more)

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External R6S Cheat (ESP + Aimbot and more)

Download External R6S Cheat (ESP + Aimbot and more) for FREE

Very simple to inject and scroll around to different settings, clean menu. Cheat has been working without any crashes/problems.

Cav ESP – Has not lagged/bugged once. Not much to add here.

No Recoil – Does not look fishy/sus on round ending killcams. Have not been called out once for macro yet.

Aimbot – Aimbot has never missed a targets head. Multiple choices for locking on to different bodyparts to make you look even more legit with customizable smoothness. Doesn’t mess up the lock like some other cheats do.

No Spread, No Animation, Rapid Fire, Glow, Speedhack, No Flash – Personally I haven’t been messing around too much with these, except for glow and no flash.

Extremely quick and helpful support. Overall Scratch is one of the best undetected cheats for an affordable price in the market available currently.

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