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Don’t Facecheck – we did it for you!

Feeling blind when entering the Rift? Facecheck shows you who to target, how they lane, where you fail and how to improve.

NEW! Now Supporting TFT (beta):

  • Our new in-game TFT Items Widget tells you which items are good, how to build them and for who and their tier in the meta.
  • More coming soon!

Desktop Experience:

  • NEW! Learn champs – Adapt to the meta with champ trends, learn new champs.
  • NEW! Create and share your OWN playstyles and use them in Champ Select.
  • Your performance VS tier average
  • Compare stats between your champs
  • Champions academy – coming soon!

Pre Game – Champ Select:

  • NEW! Pro Builds – play like the pros, use their builds and runes with one-click push
  • Check your teammates stats and know when you have a smurf!
  • One-click push runes and items directly in to the client!
  • Check the latest Picks and Bans and Adapt to the meta
  • See your best champs and their counters

In Game:

  • Auto launch when match begins
  • Win rates, full runes and last builds
  • Live stats on all summoners
  • Team comp analysis, damage distribution
  • Playing, counter and ally tips

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