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For general troubleshooting or if your question is not answered here please join the OverTrack Discord.

Is OverTrack a cheat?

No – OverTrack is not intended as a cheat, and care has been taken to avoid anything that could be considered cheating.

The OverTrack client does not and will never modify game behaviour, read game memory/network access, or otherwise reveal information that is intended to be hidden. OverTrack behaves just like any other screen recording software on your PC e.g. OBS, Shadowplay, and offers no advantage beyond that of carefully watching back VODs of every game you played while entering data into a spreadsheet. All data is collected by processing screenshots, extracting visual information that would be available to anyone watching the VOD or replay.

OverTrack only uploads data after a game completes, so there is no in-game advantage provided. Since OverTrack’s data is not realtime, any advantage OverTrack offers could be achieved by a human with a notebook watching VODs.

Has anyone been banned for using OverTrack?

On May 10 2019, all users of OverTrack for Overwatch were temporarily banned for a period of approximately one hour. This ban was promptly reverted (presumably once Blizzard was made aware of the situation), and there exist no known existing bans stemming from the use of OverTrack.

Users are advised to use their own discretion over the use of OverTrack as no official stance has been published. Keep in mind however, that Overwatch maintains a blacklist of software that is determined to be against TOS and it will refuse to launch if any running programs match this blacklist. Currently OverTrack is not in this blacklist, however if you at any point receive this error it is advised to stop using OverTrack until the issue is resolved.

Where does OverTrack install to?

OverTrack installs to “%appdata%overtrack” and should be available under all programs > OverTrack launcher.
To stop using OverTrack, you can remove it through “Add or remove programs” or just disable ‘Launch on Startup’ in the Settings menu in from the taskbar.

My Overwatch games aren’t being tracked

If OverTrack is not tracking your Overwatch games, please ensure the following:

  • You have installed and are running the client, downloaded from here. Check your taskbar for one of these icons activeinactive
  • Overwatch is set to English
  • Overwatch is set to a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Overwach is not minimized for the map loading screen
  • You have authenticated the client with your overtrack account (this should happen on first run)

To ensure SR is tracked correctly, ensure you visit the role select menu between each game for at least a second.

I’m getting DLL load failed

If you are getting the error DLL load failed you may need to download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable: https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe

How can I improve performance while using OverTrack?

To minimize the performance impact (e.g. to reduce FPS stutter, lag, and lost FPS) of OverTrack you can try the following

  • Use the OBS capture mode (join the OverTrack Discord for help setting it up)
  • Set your game’s process priority to High and OverTrack’s to Below Normal (right click the process in the details tab of task manager)
  • Set the CPU affinity on OverTrack to constrain it to a single core/CPU

Priority and affinity settings will revert on restart, but can be made permanent by editing the OverTrack shortcut located in %appdata%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup to have the target C:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe /C START /BELOWNORMAL /AFFINITY 0x1 /D “%appdata%/overtrack/” overtrack_launcher.exe

How can I contribute to OverTrack’s development?

OverTrack has several open source components (potentially with more to come). You can contribute to this site’s GitHub repo. Also check out the overwatch twitch extension under the same GitHub organization.

To contribute to OverTrack’s development and running costs, please also consider subscribing.

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