Free Overwatch Accounts 2020

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Free Overwatch Accounts 2020

Download Free Overwatch Accounts 2020 for FREE

Today, online games have helped a larger population of the world to activate a happy and relaxing mood from their boredom state. These games have been found interesting by all game lovers and therefore has been seen as a form of entertainment. Most of the online games have unique features that make them look more attractive to all gamers. They contain options like advanced visual outlook , amazing combat style , customizable avatar creation , fascinating themes , and many more. One of the online games mostly played by gamers is Overwatch. Overwatch is an interesting game designed by Blizzard. The MMOFPS game was created to be played only when you are connected to the internet.


  1. Why GettingFree Overwatch Accounts in 2020?
  2. Playing Overwatch Via Software and Website
    2. Follow Up of Discussions on Bliard Site
    3. Edit Your Browser Cookies
  3. How to Get Free Overwatch Accounts 2020
  4. Free Overwatch Account Via the Reward Apps
    1. LifePoints
    2. SurveyJunkie
    3. Swagbucks
    4. Inbox Dollars
    5. Vindale Research
  5. Conclusion

Why GettingFree Overwatch Accounts in 2020?

Overwatch is a game that is played between two teams . Each of the teams contains six players with an average playtime of 15 minutes for each match. The game may also last for a shorter time of 5 minutes and sometimes more than 30 minutes . The game also features 21 defensive characters, tank, support, and offensive classes . Overwatch has true animation that will give you genuine gaming experience. Although Overwatch is a popular MMO game, the game is not free. All intending and member players of the game pay a token for subscription before they can have access to playing it. Players of Overwatch can subscribe to different editions. The game as the normal, legendary, and collector’s editions . Subscribers of the normal edition pay 39.99 USD or 40 Euro while the legendary edition costs 59.99 USD or 60 Euro . The collector’s edition costs 129 USD or 130 Euro . Once you have subscribed to any of these packages, you will have access to all the tools you need in the game. However, several people are not encouraged to spend their hard-earned money to subscribe to the Overwatch game since there are ways to get free overwatch accounts online. These methods of getting your overwatch accounts free are reliable, genuine, and trusted. Today, I will be telling you the best ways through which you can get your Overwatch accounts via website and apps at no cost.

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Playing Overwatch Via Software and Website

1. – Link

The software is one of the most trusted means of playing the Overwatch game free. The software was designed by Blizzard and can be downloaded on the PC at no cost. To download the software, you need to get a web browser like Google Chrome on your PC. You open the Google Chrome browser and launch the official website of Overwatch. It should be noted that you must have opened an account on the Overwatch website. However, if you have not gotten an account on the site, you will have to sign up to the website. Then you log into the account by providing your log in details. After logging into your account, you click on the download icon of on the site. Launch the downloaded software and log into the software with your Blizzard login details . Then right-click on the software icon and locate the folder where the file is been saved. Next, long-press the shift key on your PC keyboard and right-click on your PC screen. Then, you choose the open command windows option. Copy and paste the code “” in the command window. Then, a notification that contains the installation of Overwatch on your PC will be displayed on the screen. After completing all the installation processes, you can start to enjoy playing the Overwatch game free.

Learn more about in the video below.

2. Follow Up of Discussions on Bliard Site

This is another chance that most times comes once in a year during promotion activities. This clue may not be that encouraging but all you need to do to play Overwatch game free is to keep a tab on the updates on the discussion thread in the Blizzard forum . Through the forum, Overwatch will let you know the actual date the game will be opened in the year.

3. Edit Your Browser Cookies – Link

Edit Your Browser CookiesEdit Your Browser Cookies

Changing or Editing your browser cookies is one of the ways by which you can get a free Overwatch account. To get this done, you need to install a Google Chrome software on your PC. Next, you launch the browser and clear the cookies on it. Then, the “EditThisCookies” extension is added to the browser. Next, you copy the cookies registered from a paid Overwatch account and paste it in your browser. Then you can start playing the Overwatch game free on your PC.

For more information on how to edit or change cookies, kindly visit the video below.

How to Get Free Overwatch Accounts 2020

The steps discussed above are summarized here.


Steps Involved

1. Launch your Google Chrome browser.

2. Go to the official website of Blizzard.

3. Sign up or log in to get a Blizzard account.

4. Download software.

5. Locate the file location by right-clicking the downloaded software.

6. Long-press the shift key and right-click the screen of your PC.

7. Copy “” and paste in the opened command window.

8. Install the software and start playing the Overwatch game.

Follow Up of Discussions on Blizzard Site

1. Follow up on the discussion thread on the Blizzard forum.

Edit Your Browser Cookies

1. Launch Google Chrome on your PC.

2. Ensure the “EditThisCookies” extension to the browser.

3. Copy and paste cookies from a paid overwatch account to your Google Chrome browser.

Free Overwatch Account Via the Reward Apps

There exists a lot of apps that offer bonuses, cash vouchers , and gift cards to their loyal and new users. The rewards are obtained by performing simple tasks. You can redeem the reward earned from these websites to earn your Overwatch account. In this section, I will be discussing the apps and their features.

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1. LifePoints – Link


The LifePoints website is one of the trusted websites where you can win points by performing a simple task . All you need to do to become a beneficiary of the LifePoints bonus is to create an account on the site. The account creation is done at no cost. Once you have a profile on the site, you can start carrying out multiple tasks available on the website. These tasks will be assigned to you and you will be paid after completing the tasks allotted to you. The amount paid can be redeemed into PayPal cash, PSN Code, and gift card. The money obtained from the PayPal cashout can be used to purchase an Overwatch account .

Learn more about LifePoints in the video below

2. SurveyJunkie – Link


SurveyJunkie is a website where you can earn little commission by performing surveys and tasks daily. All you need to do is to sign up on the website. Once your membership has been verified, you will be assigned multiple tasks to complete. On completion of the task assigned to you, an amount redeemable to a PayPal cash, gift card , and PSN codes will be given to you. The cashout as PayPal fund can be used to purchase an Overwatch account provided Overwatch account is not part of the redeemable items listed on the website.

For more information about SurveyJunkie, kindly visit the video below.

3. Swagbucks – Link


This site offers users a reward when they complete tasks and perform simple surveys . All you need to do is to sign up to the site and start taking your survey and other tasks. When the tasks and surveys are completed, you will be rewarded with an amount that is redeemable to obtain the PayPal funds and Steam cash. You can use the cash to purchase an Overwatch account.

Learn more about Swagbucks in the video below.

4. Inbox Dollars – Link

Inbox DollarsInbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is an app designed to earn rewards in the form of points . To become a user of Inbox Dollars, you need to download and install the app on your smartphone. After downloading and installing the app, you launch the app and sign up with your email address to get a free account. When you log into your account, you will find different tasks that you can do to earn points. You can do multiple tasks for as many times as possible to earn more points. The points earned are redeemable to get an Overwatch account via the Overwatch code.

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Check the video below for more information about Inbox Dollars.

Vindale ResearchVindale Research

To earn points on the Vindale Research website, you need to create an account with your email address after the app has been downloaded and installed. Then, you launch the app and find tasks that will be easy for you to complete to earn points faster and quicker. The accumulated points can be redeemed to get an Overwatch code to obtain an Overwatch account.

Visit the video below for more details about Vindale Research.


Overwatch game is a widely known online game that is played by individuals to keep their mind relaxed at their leisure time. The detailed guide discussed above is the trusted means through which you can get a free Overwatch account to play the normal, legendary, and collector’s edition in 2020.

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