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Amazing service, Inwas boosted from 3500-4000. I Watched most games live on an alerternate account and the booster was incredible. Every game was pretty much minimum 10-20 kills. Was class to watch! Big thanms to everyone at Dota 2 Boosting, great job!

– Adam

Got a 1k boost. The most important thing was that they are trustworthy and there wasn’t any fishiness with my account. When I asked questions I always got a response. It was very good on that point. Also the price is probably the best. Got a bit of an extra boost for free as well! The only poor thing was that it took quite a bit longer than expected. That was most likely related to the booster being busy and/or the holiday month.. In the end the extra time doesn’t outweigh the positives so I recommend it to anyone!

– Ryan

One of the cheapest price sites after long search, despite some delays from booster. the boost was completely done From 3368 to 4700 in about 3 weeks. and dotabuff data quality is A. and some great hero records (rampages, gpm ..etc) Totally recommend this site if you’re looking for fair pricing boost

– Firas

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