How To Complete The Halloween Scavenger Hunt In ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ And Earn Free Rewards

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How To Complete The Halloween Scavenger Hunt In ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ And Earn Free Rewards

Download How To Complete The Halloween Scavenger Hunt In ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ And Earn Free Rewards for FREE
Warzone Halloween

How to earn a bunch of free rewards in ‘Warzone’ this Halloween.

Credit: Activision

It’s Halloween in Call Of Duty and thanks to the addition of Warzone, this year is one of the most fun Halloween events we’ve seen in the shooter franchise.

This year, Activision and Infinity Ward are hosting a trick-or-treat scavenger hunt in the free-to-play battle royale game.

Players can track down special supply crates that include one of sixteen different rewards. These can be emblems, calling cards, charms, blueprints and so forth, all Halloween themed.

If you get all of these you’ll be rewarded with the “Pumpkin Punisher” Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint:

Warzone Halloween

Pumpkin Punisher

Credit: Activision

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These special Trick or Treat Supply Boxes look just like normal Supply Boxes and they’ll spawn randomly, so there’s no specific location for each one. Inside you’ll either get a reward or a jump scare, which is actually super creepy and jarring (see the video at the bottom of this post for what it’s like getting a treat or a trick when you open these). The first time I opened a jump scare box I literally felt my heart skip a beat. The noise alone, when you have a headset on, is enough to make you jump. The creepy image that accompanies it only adds to the fright.

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But while the spawns are random, there are sixteen distinct regions across the Warzone map where you can find Trick or Treat Supply Boxes. Once you’ve found a reward in one area of the map, you’ll need to move on to the other areas to get more boxes.

These special Halloween boxes can be found in the below areas and on the moving train. Here’s every location and the reward you’ll find in each location.

Sector One – North

  • Gora Dam — Time Of The Season (Legendary Watch)
  • Arklov Peak Military Base — Return To Dust (Epic Assault Rifle Blueprint)
  • Karst River Quarry — Flashy Fate (Epic Sticker)

Sector Two – West

  • Verdansk International Airport — The Joker (Epic Sticker)
  • Storage Town — Spooky Scene (Epic Calling Card)
  • Atlas Superstore — Corpse (Epic Spray)
  • Zhokov Boneyard — Jack-O’-Lantern (Epic Charm)

Sector Three – Southwest     

  • Hospital — Pumpkin Peril (Epic Calling Card)
  • Novi Grazna Hills — Lil’ Demon (Epic Charm)

Sector Four – Central and South

  • BCH TV Station — Oak (Epic Spray)
  • Verdansk Stadium — Killing Moon (Epic Emblem)
  • Downtown — Chainsaw Fiend (Epic Spray)

Sector Five – East

  • Gorengrad Lumber Yard — Scary Patch (Epic Emblem)
  • Port of Verdansk — Ghoulish Gift (Epic Emblem)
  • Zordaya Prison Complex (Gulag) — The Cleaver (Legendary Melee Blueprint)

Train (Location Varies) — The Woodsman (Epic Spray)

There’s a special Tac-Map in the Warzone menu now that will keep track of your progress, showing you which regions and rewards you’ve already ticked off, which makes this a lot easier to manage. And you can find these boxes in any Warzone mode, not just the special Halloween modes.

All told, it’s a pretty fun event. You’ll also encounter some ghostly specters of evil villains like Leatherface out there, but they’re there for frights only. In addition to regular battle royale, there’s also Zombies Royale now. Instead of going to the Gulag, killed players return as super-powered zombies. It makes the Warzone experience significantly more terrifying.

I’ve only played a little so far, and I’ve collected just six of the sixteen rewards. But I aim to complete the whole thing just to get that pumpkin assault rifle blueprint.

The Haunting Of Verdansk lasts until November 3rd.

Check out the Haunting of Verdansk trailer and read more about the event here.

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