How to Get Apex Legends Paid Skins For Free

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How to Get Apex Legends Paid Skins For Free

Download How to Get Apex Legends Paid Skins For Free for FREE

Are you looking for Apex Legends Paid Skins for free?

Well, today we are going to reveal how to get Apex Legends paid Skins for free which will make your gameplay little more attractive with the coolest looking Paid Skins of Apex legends as we all know that Apex legends are a free clash Royale style game where you need to eliminate enemies to become last man or team standing in the end.

Apex legends have caught the imagination of all online games, and it has crossed 25 million marks within one week from its release. Now, if the game is free and players are not paying any money to play this game, then how is the game is earning, as you know the game itself has to maintain staffs for programming, management, IT department and huge robust servers which involve lots of money to operate.

Well, all the free games earn money from in-app purchase or selling different game items which are present in the game. Similar to this concept Apex legends earn on different cosmetic of the game such as weapons, skins, emojis, and other items. You can purchase these different game items from the official online store which is present in the game.

What are the Skins present in Apex Legends?

Apex legends have many skins which you can get without paying any money or coins; these skins will be available to you when you level up and get some XP during the game. One thing which you have to note that playing game and winning will give you XP in the game which helps up leveling up your levels. Depending on your Levels in the game, some basic skins will be available which you can use to customize your Apex legends game characters.

Some of the free Skins which are present in the Apex legends game are given below

  • Bangalore
  • BloodHound
  • Caustic
  • Gibraltar
  • Lifeline
  • Mirage
  • Pathfinder
  • Wraith

Now from February, you will also get two more skin which is “through the heart’ and “love of the Game.” You can also purchase these skins with Apex coins or real money.

Apex Legends Paid Skins for Free

There are many methods by using which you can get Apex legends Paid Skins Free, some of them are given below

  1. Online tools for free Apex Coins
  2. Leveling up your Account
  3. Get legendary Skin with Twitch Prime
  4. Get Free Skin with PlayStation Plus
  5. Founders Pack
  6. Social Giveaway

Methods To Get Paid Apex Legends Skins For Free

So, lets drill on the methods which can fetch you with free Apex legends Skins and will give you many cosmetic items including weapon and weapon skin.

1. Online tools for free Apex Coins

There are many fake websites which claim to provide you with free Apex Coins, but most of them are not worth it as they will keep on ditching visitor. You can safely check free Apex Coins 2019 which has recently started its service and good very good reviews. At the time of writing this article on Apex legend, we have successfully claimed 1000,000 Apex coin within 5-min. Depending on the load it will distribute the coins; we can safely advise you to use these features to get free Apex coins and by using that you can get Free Legendary Apex skins.

These online tools have more than 2589 satisfied visitor so far and now become the industry de-facto standard to provide free Apex legends coins.

One of the best things about this online tool is “it is free” and works seamlessly with all kind of browser and all type of operating system. So, if you are looking for free Apex legends coins, then you can safely check this website now to get some free Coins.

2. Leveling up your Account

If you are avid Apex legend players, then you can receive all exclusive skin free of cost by leveling up your account. You will receive more than 45 packs during levels 01 to 100; these packs will contain many legendary skins and other items such as metals which can be used to craft skins to upgrade it.

No matter how good you are playing you need to find many metals in the game which are the essential ingredients for infusing the characters skins and make them upgrade. So, start playing and keep on increasing your levels of the game and keep receiving free Apex legend skins.

3. Get legendary Skin with Twitch Prime

If you are using Twitch and having active Twitch prime account, then you can link your EA profile and get some exclusive new Skin which is not available in the game through normal circumstances. You will receive exclusive Pathfinder skin which is very exclusive to only Prime Twitch members.

How to get Free Legendary Skin of Apex legends from Twitch

  1. Log into twitch account
  2. Now click the crown which must be present in your dashboard
  3. Select the option where it is written “claim rewards from Apex legends.”
  4. You will be directed to a new window, where you need to log into your EA account
  5. Now claim the free skin for you Apex Legends game
  6. Your free Pathfinder skin will be available in your Apex legend account.

4. Get Free Skin with PlayStation Plus

If you have an active subscription of PlayStation Plus, then we recommend playing Apex legends on your PlayStation Plus, as you will receive many gifts without spending any money. You need to claim “Play Pack” in your PlayStation Plus account to activate the gifts from Apex legends.

Some of the gifts which you will receive for the Apex legends game is as follows

  • 02 weapon Skins for Flatline & RE45
  • 01 Character skin for Bloodhound and Gibraltar
  • 01 banner to show Gibraltar and Bloodhound character

5. Founders Pack or Starter Pack

Apex Legends also bring out some packs which provide great help for the beginners who are willing to top into the game. There are two types of Packs available in the game

  1. Starter Pack
  2. Founder pack

Apex legends started Pack (cost: $4.99)

  • You will get 600 Apex coins
  • Animated Blue RE45 weapon Skin
  • Feeding Frenzy badge

Apex Legends Founder Pack (cost: $29.99)

  • You will receive 2000 Apex Coins
  • Legendary One Hemlock Assault Rifle Skin
  • 03 Character skin for Wraith, Bloodhound, and Gibraltar
  • 03 banner for Gibraltar, Bloodhound, and Wraith
  • 01 Exclusive Founder badge in your account

6. Social Giveaway

There are many social media platforms which are giving away free Apex legends coins when you participate in their giveaway. Recently on Instagram, one Giveaway was finished which churn out 10,000 Apex legends Coins. You also have to join as many Giveaways as you can to get free Apex legends coins.

Apex Legends Giveaway

Top Social media Platforms which are Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, VK can be used to find all these fan page and giveaway. Check out the exclusive Apex legends official website on Facebook for upcoming events and giveaways.

Final words

So, these are the 06 methods by using which you can get free Apex legends skins in 2019. If you want free Apex coins, then you can check the Online tools which are a very innovative way to earn Apex coins within 3-min of time, and it will be available in your Apex legends account. We recommend you all to test all the methods which are disclosed here for getting free Apex legends skins. 

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