How to get free cs go skins 100% working tested by myself…

- Free Game Cheats

How to get free cs go skins 100% working tested by myself…

Download How to get free cs go skins 100% working tested by myself… for FREE

- Free Game Cheats

History of my research of actually figuring out a method that actually works which will not cost any money

                             I was searching for ways to get free skins  and trust me i used like more than a 100 sites in search of free skins but like most of them are fake sites and rest are like we need to invest some money into the site like 5$ minimum inorder to get started 

                                    And at last i found a website which is actually working.. And withing the first day of signup i bought a Startrack P2000 skin.. it was a cheap skin worth around 25 rupees…                  But still its free so why not…..

Here is the proof that it works

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This is how it works


 Sign up to this site      CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

where you earns your virtual money 


         Sign up the Skin Market   CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP BITSKIN MARKET using your steam account, its from whr u buy skins


         After you sign up bit skin they will ask you for you trade url ,To find your trade offer URL CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR TRADE OFFER URL


 To find your steam id click here  CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR STEAM ID

NOTE:-  You can also transfer GITCOINS to BITCOINS  and you can get it as physical money to your hand

To tranfer  you need minimum 10000 coins to BITCOIN WALLET


To tranfer  you need minimum 20000 coins to BITSKIN ACCOUNT

How GITCOINS works – ” Can earn using PC & Phones”

You can simply earn coins by Verifying that you are not a bot and by pressing the “Claim Now” button

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You can earn 50% more points if  you are watching a stream on Twich

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There are 4 ways to earn GITCOINS as Follows

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With surveys you can earn 100,000 to 50,000 per survey  if you have the time to spent it

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How to transfer your GITCOINS to your BITSKIN account as your BITSKIN WALLET MONEY

How to Setup your steamID64 

withdras%2Bsteam%2Bid - Free Game Cheats

Click the “here” on the pic shown above, that will lead you to a webpage which is shown in the next picture..

dfsdfsdfsdfsd - Free Game Cheats

put your steam id from your steam account inside that field highlighted by red circle and press lookup

and it will show this page with your SteamID64 in it..

To find your steam id click hereCLICK HERE TO FIND YOURSTEAM ID

sdsdfsf - Free Game Cheats

Copy that steamID64 and paste it here on this pic shown below

dfsdfsf - Free Game Cheats

and press WITHDRAW buttom and it will automatically transfer to your BITSKIN ACCOUNT as your Wallet money

And now you can buy skins with the money and withdraw it from bitskins via trade offer to your steam account… by just pressing the withdraw button on the BITSKINS website..

Any way its free Money…. So utilize it…… And share this to the people you love… 

Sharing this will be a great help for the work i put into it and will makes me motivate even more vedios like  

          [^_^]  GaMerZ  —  Rock…!!!

For any doubts you can Comment below or at

Kooldev MOnstrOsiTy

i will reply as soon as i can guys…

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