How to get FREE Minecraft Premium account gift codes

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How to get FREE Minecraft Premium account gift codes

Download How to get FREE Minecraft Premium account gift codes for FREE

Ever wanted minecraft for free?


Minecraft is a must-have, but its pricetag of $27 is really high if you don’t have a job or if you have a low budget. I was once just like you, but I have found a way to get it for free. This isn’t one of those “hacks” or “generators” that claim get you a code instantly, but never work. This method is the only way to get it for free, however it requires a bit of work (Took me a a total of over a hour of hard work to get it). As well as getting minecraft, the site offers plenty of other prizes as well, such as steam wallet codes, PSN codes, Microsoft Points, etc

Step 1: Sign up for the site by clicking the button above or using this link. Register to the site and confirm the activation email that will be sent to you.

Step 2: Complete some offers by going to “earn” and then “offer walls” Offers can be anything such as registering for sites, completing tasks, downloading games, or as simple as watching a video. There are also lots of offer walls available such as matomy, peanutlabs or supersonicads so pick one that pays alot. 

Step 3: When you have earned 26000 hulk coins, go to the “Store” of the site and redeem a minecraft premium account. Wait a few days for them to confirm them, and then they will send you a code which will be in your “my orders.”  page

How it works

Well Minecraft usually costs real money, and here I am telling you that you can get it for free. You’re probably still wondering how this system works, so I’m going to explain to you. The site is a GPT site (Get Paid To), which means that you’ll get paid to complete offers.  Let’s say a company wants more people to sign up for their services and spread their word. The company pays the GPT to make people register for the site, and as a reward for completing the tasks, the GPT gives most of the money to you and keep the remaining as change. Everyone benefits as the company has got new customers, the GPT is making profit, and you are getting your free minecraft account.  

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