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Rainbow Six Siege is adding new defender, Aruni, to its ever-growing operator roster in Operation Neon Dawn, Ubisoft has confirmed. Here’s everything we know about R6’s latest recruit, including her abilities, release date, and more.

Earlier this week, Ubisoft confirmed the new Rainbow Six Siege expansion, called “Operation Neon Dawn,” was on its way. The 19th expansion will be debuting the Skyscraper rework, and a brand-new Rainbow Six operator: defender Aruni.

There have been plenty of leaks surrounding Aruni, but up until today Siege fans have heard little about the Thai operator. That is, until Ubisoft officially lifted the lid in a new teaser.

The new video, posted on Twitter on Nov. 4, shows Aruni deploying a bright red and orange laser gate over a doorway. When the Thai heroine steps into her electronic setup, it appears to melt away, letting her pass through unscathed.

Here’s everything we know about Aruni so far, including when she will be making her official in-game debut, how her new “Surya” laser gate will work, and more.

When will Aruni be released?

Operation Neon Dawn, and therefore new Rainbow Six operator Aruni, have not yet been handed an official release date. Ubisoft is expected to confirm exactly when Siege’s next expansion will be released at the Six November 2020 Major.

Dexerto will update this article with all Operation Neon Dawn release date details as soon as they’ve been locked in. Stay tuned for those updates soon!

Aruni gadget: the ‘Surya’ laser gate

Aruni is armed with another defensive trap ⁠— the ‘Surya’ laser gate. In the Nov. 4 teaser, she can be seen deploying it onto a door. When activated, an orange electronic shield spreads on to the width of the doorway, completely covering it.

It’s not yet clear if passing through the Surya laser gate as an attacker will dish out damage, or simply alert defenders. This will likely be revealed in the official Aruni trailer this week.

The electronic shield may also destroy any thrown gadgets or grenades. This would make it a powerful lockdown device, and keep defenders safe from frag grenades, carefully thrown C4, and even Siege’s iconic drones.

Dexerto will keep you updated on Aruni’s gadget as more news is revealed.

Aruni is the only new Siege operator arriving in Operation Neon Dawn.UbisoftAruni is the only new Rainbow Six Siege operator arriving in Operation Neon Dawn.

Aruni guns: Mk 14 EBR, P10 Roni

According to leaks revealed all the way back in June, the Thai operator will have two guns at her disposal. Her first option is the fully-automatic P10 Roni pistol.

Aruni’s main pick is the Mk 14 EBR rifle, for a long-range option. Rainbow Six attacker Dokkaebi already wields the Mk 14 in Siege, and Recruits can select the semi-automatic rifle on attack as well.

The leaked Aruni loadout also confirmed she will have a 9mm PRB92 pistol as her sidearm, though this is obviously subject to change. Dexerto has not yet been able to confirm which grenades Aruni will be able to add to her arsenal.

The June leaks also suggested Aruni would come equipped with a strong prosthetic arm. These will allow her to “create huge holes in breakable surfaces.”

Aruni leaks have already revealed a few secrets about the new Rainbow Six defender.Image via /u/Zer0Bytes_Aruni leaks have already revealed a few secrets about the new Rainbow Six defender.

Aruni will ship alongside the ‘Skyscraper’ rework. Dexerto also expects a number of Rainbow Six operator balance changes to ship in the Year 5 Season 4 update.

Thailand’s Rainbow Six representative will be the 57th operator to join the huge Siege roster. She was proceeded by the title’s first crossover character, Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell. He is codenamed “Zero” in Ubisoft’s flagship series.

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