How To Get Free V-Bucks

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How To Get Free V-Bucks

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Added: Apr 22nd, 2018

Vbucks - Free Game Cheats
Like most free to download games presently on the market,Fortnitealso has its own currency found within the game called V-Bucks. With V-Bucks, players can buy brand new outfits, harvesting tools, and gliders from the game’s shop to better equip their characters with. Like other forms of virtually currency found within other video games, you don’t have to purchase V-Bucks with your real world money in order to obtain it. However, if you aren’t really in the mood to slowly grind for it, you can indeed purchase V-Bucks with your real world bucks to save on time.

Here’s How To Earn V-Bucks For Free In Fortnite:
1) Log into the game daily. This is obviously the easiest way to obtain free V-Bucks, which sees you earning a small bit of currency simply by logging onto the game at least once per day. However, this is also the slowest know way of doing so.

2) Complete Daily Quests. Each and every day, you will earn a variety of different tasks from the Daily Quest System. Completing most Daily Quests will see you earn 50 Free V-Bucks, but there are a few of them that will pay you 100 V-Bucks for their completion.

3) Complete Storm Shield Defense Missions. This is third and final way to earning yourself some free V-Bucks. No matter the Mission nor the location of such, you will earn 100 Free V-Bucks for each Storm Shield Defense Mission you complete.


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