How To Hack PUBG Mobile No Root (Season 14)


How To Hack PUBG Mobile No Root (Season 14)

Hack PUBG Mobile No Root is the latest method that allows gamers to use scripts and MODs in PUBG Mobile to improve their KD and gameplay.

PUBG is one of the best battle royal games currently. From fighting long and intense battles to quick TDMs, there is a lot to love about it. But playing with PRO players has always been tough for people like me. Apart from that, I’m not a big fan of those noobie outfits too. So a straightforward solution to this is to use PUBG Mobile hack for Android devices.

If you are a PUBG player for a long time and ever thought of hacking it then Welcome! Because today I’m going to show you how you can hack PUBG 0.19.0 (Season 14) without rooting your Android device in 2020. So you don’t have to tweak any of your system files or give root access to third-party apps.

I know a lot of you might have faced banning issues in non-root methods but this one is unique. As PUBG Mobile No Root has Anti-ban support with all the hacks such as Wallhack, Aimbot, Unlimited UC, and Unlimted BP.


  1. Summary On Hack PUBG Mobile No Root
  2. hack pubg mobile no root

    hack pubg mobile no root

  3. About Hack PUBG Mobile Unlimted UC
  4. About Hack PUBG Mobile Aimbot
  5. What is PUBG Mobile LUA Script?
  6. What is PUBG Mobile Wallhack Script?
  7. What is PUBG Mobile Unlimited Health Script?
  8. Download Required Tools To Hack PUBG No Root
  9. Method to Hack PUBG Mobile No Root(100% Antiban)

Summary On Hack PUBG Mobile No Root

hack pubg mobile no root

hack pubg mobile no root


You can hack PUBG Without Root by using the PUBG Mobile hack script with the Game Guardian app to tweak the APK file. However, it modifies how the client-side APK interacts with the PUBG servers. If it seems complicated, just assume that you’re making a PUBG Mobile hack APK by yourself in 2020, with different tools.

There are several hacks available in the script which you can simply toggle ON or OFF during the gameplay. Spotting the enemies through the walls, auto-headshot, and other hacks will definitely give you an edge over others. Besides that, you need to use a good VPN to hack PUBG Mobile in addition to the anti-ban host file.

About Hack PUBG Mobile Unlimted UC

hack pubg mobile unlimited UC

hack pubg mobile unlimited UC

UC’s are powerful – you can get any outfit or gun skin with them. But what is PUBG Mobile Unlimited UC? Do we really get them with PUBG Mobile hack APK? Is there any hack PUBG Mobile script out there that offers unlimited UC? The answer to all of these is a simple NO.

As a matter of fact, UCs are loaded into a player’s account after paying a certain amount to PUBG. That means, they are loaded through PUBG servers and there is no way one can hack them. But you can get a good amount of UC by opening crates that are unlocked by playing extensively well with our hack PUBG Mobile No Root method.

About Hack PUBG Mobile Aimbot

pubg mobile aimbot

pubg mobile aimbot

PUBG Mobile Aimbot is a part of the PUBG hacking script that we run through the Game Guardian app. Aimbot helps you to stabilize your aim by hacking PUBG Mobile(2020) for no recoil. However, there is also an auto-headshot option that detects the head of your enemy and locks the aim at it. So firing anywhere on the opponent’s body will result in a headshot.

What is PUBG Mobile LUA Script?

It is the whole backbone for hacking PUBG Mobile without root. As the .lua script contains the hacking code that needs to be run alongside the game. It can be executed through any script-executing app like GameGuardian. The only reason behind the name PUBG LUA script is its .lua extension.

What is PUBG Mobile Wallhack Script?

pubg mobile wallhack script

pubg mobile wallhack script

PUBG Mobile wallhack script allows you to spot enemies through the walls, go through walls, and fire through walls. Obviously, this gives a huge benefit while playing. However, make sure that you don’t kill enemies in a very unusual way as they could report your profile on finding something strange.

What is PUBG Mobile Unlimited Health Script?

How would anyone die in PUBG? Of course, due to insufficient health. So PUBG Mobile Unlimited Health is a feature in PUBG hacking script that makes you immortal. On activating it, bullets and bombs won’t decrease your health. However, you’re still vulnerable to falling or sinking.

How To Hack PUBG Mobile No Root Version Information

NameHack PUBG Mobile No Root
Files Required5
PUBG Version



Download Required Tools To Hack PUBG No Root

You need to download certain things before you can start hacking PUBG Mobile. Download GameGuardian, PUBG Script 0.14.0, Veteran Dual Apps, Strange VPN, and more from the below links.

RECOMMENDED APP: If you want to enhance your gaming experience without upgrading to a new device try out PGT Pro Graphics Toolkit APK. Download Link

All of them are small in size, and easy to use. I’ll provide all the steps.

ESP Hack PUBG Mobile Latest Method (Season 14)

Take a look at the latest ESP Hack PUBG Mobile For Rooted & Non-Rooted Devices.

Download PUBG Mobile ESP Hack APK

GameGuardian MOD Apk


Strange VPN Apk


Veteran Dual Space Apk


Anti-ban host Download


PUBG hack script 0.19.0 (Season 14)


Things Work On Hack PUBG MOBILE No Root:

  • Wallhack
  • Color hack
  • No recoil
  • Magic Bullet
  • Aimbot
  • Headshot
  • Damage
  • Level 3 Item Antenna
  • Fast Parachute
  • No grass
  • Black sky
  • Antenna pro
  • High jump
  • Fly jump
  • Speed hack
  • Fly jeep
  • Jeep On Water
  • Buggy Through Wall

Once you have downloaded and installed all the apps mentioned above, follow the below steps to hack PUBG Mobile’s latest version.

Method to Hack PUBG Mobile No Root(100% Antiban)

  1. Open the Strange VPN App and place the antiban host in it(Don’t close while you play PUBG Mobile).
  2. Now, launch the veteran mode app and clone GameGuardian and PUBG Mobile.
  3. Open up the cloned GameGuardian and load the PUBG hacking script on it.
  4. Then open PUBG Mobile from Veteran App and you will see a floating GG Icon.
  5. Tap the icon and choose the hack you want to apply. For eg: color hack, auto headshot, etc.
  6. Enjoy, hacking PUBG Mobile.

how to hack PUBG Mobile

how to hack PUBG Mobile


That is it with hacking PUBG Mobile’s latest version. If you’ve any doubts or queries ask in the comment section and we’ll get back to you. Also, make sure to subscribe to the notifications for timely updates from our website You can also get free email notif’s; just type in your email and hit the subscribe button.

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