How to Play Sam Fisher w/ Coconut Brah- Rainbow Six Siege

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How to Play Sam Fisher w/ Coconut Brah- Rainbow Six Siege

Download How to Play Sam Fisher w/ Coconut Brah- Rainbow Six Siege for FREE

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six16 Aug 2020

Welcome back to season two of IGN on the 6! IGN on the 6 is IGN’s premiere Rainbow Six Siege show where we bring you exclusive access to everything Rainbow Six Siege. Today’s show is all about Zero, AKA Sam Fisher, and Operation Shadow Legacy. We spoke to Rainbow Six Siege Art Director Alexander Karpazis about the introduction of Sam Fisher and the possibility of future Tom Clancy universe operators. We also invited Coconut Brah to get his first impressions on the new attacking operator Sam Fisher. Check it out as we dive into Sam Fisher gameplay and find out how to play Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operator. Sweepstakes Submission Form: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to enter or win the On the Six Sweepstakes. Open to legal U.S. residents in all 50 states & D.C., 18+ yrs of age. Other restrictions apply. Begins 8/4/20 at 6:00 am PT and ends 3/31/21 at 5:00 pm PT. Void where prohibited. Subject to Official Rules: Sponsor: IGN Entertainment, Inc.

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