League of Legends AutoSmite + ESP

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League of Legends AutoSmite + ESP

Download League of Legends AutoSmite + ESP for FREE

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League of Legends ESP + AutoSmite for Patch

First Load with F8
-F7/F8: Deactivate/Activate ESP
-F5/F6: ESP Simple/ESP Advanced
-F3/F4: AutoSmite On/AutoSmiteOff

Information to AutoSmite: If it is on it will Smite any Big Jungle monster that is in
Smite Range and low enough to kill.

I don’t know if you can get banned from this. I personally didn’t get banned testing it so use at your own risk.

How to use:

It has to be loaded on Startup, how i do it:
The Cheat exports a function “DummyFunction”.
Copy original League of Legends.exe in “RADSsolutions…”
With PEditor i added a Import into the Import Address Table that loads DummyFunction from LoLCheat.dll
Ofc you have to place the cheat into that same folder that League of Legends.exe is.
—>Windows automatically loads the dll when LoL get started, if you don’t want it to be loaded just rename the modified exe to something else and rename the original exe to “League of Legends.exe”

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