League Of Legends Hack, Always win using this sick bot!

Lolbot - Free Game Cheats

League Of Legends Hack, Always win using this sick bot!

Download League Of Legends Hack, Always win using this sick bot! for FREE

League of Legends free hack! Download it now

This Hack is a professional tool which is designed specifically for the game League of Legends.
It was originally made by me cause I was getting tired of misclicking. When I realized how easy these macro’s were to implement in the game structure, I decided to make more macros for League of Legends.

Now, the bot has some unique features which have gotten people high elo+ all over the world! With our great guides and good explanation, it’s difficult to suck at LoL right now.Lolbot - Free Game Cheats

  •  100% Safe since it’s totally client side
  • Enemy cooldown tracker
  • Enemy, Personal and tower range circles as shown above.
  • Advanced Scriptable Spell Caster(*NEW*)
  • Scriptable AutoKiting(*NEW*)
  • Programmable hotkeys (40+ unique keywords per hotkey)
  • Custom hotkeyable chat messages
  • Optional ZoomHack (for bad monitors)
  • In game enemy and allied character data display(*NEW*)
  • Option to show last seen location of enemies on minimap(*NEW*)
  • Option to show timers on various jungle spawns
  • Heads up Display can also show #of hits remaining on minions

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How to setup the bot?

1. Download the .rar

2. Extract the .rar

3. Run the setup located in the setup folder

4. Install the bot in a directory

5. Copy the crack from the .rar to the directory where you installed the bot

6. Run LoL

7. Run Bot

8. Happy owning! 🙂



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