League of Legends Rp Hack

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League of Legends Rp Hack

Download League of Legends Rp Hack for FREE

Hello everyone,this is my New hack (2013) for Free Riot Points (RP) !
And today i will show you how to get RP Easy and Fast, Just watch the video or Read the Description and you will know what to do !
Here’s the Cracked Link – RP link..: WORKS ON ALL SERVERS !

Working on 3.6 patch(Season 3 Patch) !

1.Make a new League of Legends accaunt on this link :

2.Start League of Legends and log in with your new account.

3.Choose a name for your summoner with Freljord as first word !
(Here is the important stuff: this is the beginning of riots bug or “Freljord Gifting Center”. the reason why “Freljord”? pretty obviously: It is the start of the Freljord ! )

So its actually bad that you have to create a new account and with such a name.But you can change your name for riot-points.

4.Now its time for you to reach lvl 10 !

5.After you reach lvl 10 log out and restart your pc and log in again…… ( However, some account need to wait for 48hours to get your free riot point !

$ Swim in RP

Enjoy in your Free RP !!! ( 2013 )

***Tips for reaching level 10

-Play battle training (NO TUTORIAL) – it makes you level 2 and a half
-On level 3 you are getting 400 RP – buy 1day XP Boost with your RP
-Do not leave games or using offensive language – you can be suspended
-You can play continuously – you can reach level 10 for 1day even if you want

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