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Download Lusin333/Minecraft-FPS-Hack for FREE

Are you lagging in Minecraft? Solve that with the Minecraft FPS Hack!


Minecraft FPS Hack


Lusin HATES lagging in Minecraft!!!

Long ago, Lusin had a bad computer. The computer was so slow and couldn’t even run Minecraft at a good FPS (60fps bare minimum). Everyone in Minecraft insulted Lusin for having such a low FPS, they called Lusin a “filthy casual” and to “go back to playing MineSWEEPER, you noob!”

Lusin had to do something to gain the respect Lusin deserves within the Minecraft community. After many weeks of hacking and programming, Lusin finally created the Minecraft FPS Hack!

Installation Tutorial

If you need a tutorial on how to use and install this legit Minecraft FPS hack, there is Lusin’s video tutorial

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