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Since My Radar Was Temporarily Outdated, I made some changes in the Esp and decided to post it for us to see how it is.

1. Open Steam and make sure PUBG isnt running.
2. Start the Cheat as Administartor
3. Select a Cheat and Press Inject.
4. For the first launch you need to select your PUBG Folder.
Example: C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon
5. Have Fun!

If you have issues please follow these steps:
1. Disable Windows Defender and Antivirus
2. Install all runtimes -> DOWNLOAD
3. Disable UAC (User account control)
4. Update your windows
5. Start the cheat as admin

If your game does not work properly (bugsplats)
this can happen from time to time just reload and try again, if it still crashes several times uninstall the cheat and install it again.
if things don’t get any better -> verify integrity of game files in steam.


Where should i save the Loader?
>You can save it everywhere. You wont get more security when you save it on your USB.​

Should i deactivate my Anti Virus?
>Yes, since many AV are showing false positives.​

PassWord: elitepvpers

Download: hiddenlink - Free Game Cheats

ScreenShot: hiddenlink - Free Game Cheats

Scan Files:
hiddenlink - Free Game Cheats

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