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***I’m still having problems with this I have coppied & pasted the following instructions so you can see where I got to. But I’m stuck now.

From NRAAS:-
My Quick and Dirty version for installing CC and Mods.
 1.You cannot do this while your game is running as these files are in use, so turn the game off.
2.Go to C:UsersDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3◦Just remember that in Windows 7 Documents is under Libraries, Windows Vista is under Documents, Windows XP is under My Documents.

1.Create a folder and name it Mods. (watch the case it must be exact)
2.Click to open the Mods folder so you are inside it.
3.Create a sub-folder within the Mods folder and name it Packages. (watch the case it must be exact)

3.Saving the new Resource.cfg file1.Hit your back button and go back to the Mods folder so you are on the same level.
2.Download / save the new Resource.cfg file from MTS located at this link… http://skuld.modthesims.info/Resource.cfg
3.DO NOT Open with… Just save the file to your Mods folder

*** I’ve done up to this point, but I don’t understand the next bit from 3. onwards. I think I have saved the Resource cfg file but what does this next bit mean? ‘Extract the (.package) files from the (.rar or .zip) files.
I’m sorry for keeping on, but I really don’t get it & I just want my game to run & play as well as it can. I tried my game inbetween downloading Overwatch & this bit but there doesn’e seem to be any difference, the missing sims hadn’t appeared, do I need to do this next part or is there something else I need to do to find the missing sims?***
4.Extract the (.package) files from the (.rar or .zip) files.1.User whatever program (i.e. WinRAR, WinZip, 7Zip) that you use to extract the (.package) file for the Mods.
2.After you have the (.package) file extracted, cut/copy (whichever you prefer) then paste only the (.package) file into the Packages sub-folder.

5.Delete the four cache files.1.You may also want to delete the four cache files in “The Sims 3” folder under Documents before you restart your game.■CASPartCache.package
■socialCache.package (Note: You can delete this cache file as well “if” you have the Showtime EP installed.)

6.Once you have all the (.package) files in the Packages sub-folder, restart your game. You should get a pop-up notifying you that you have mods installed.


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