[PC] Roblox exploit(s) – 2020

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[PC] Roblox exploit(s) – 2020

Download [PC] Roblox exploit(s) – 2020 for FREE



Hi guys, since I know some of you still play Roblox like @Zimon‘s sister, here is a website which provides different exploits (not made by me) which are updated daily working as of 12/02/2019



  • – Choose one of the various exploits provided by the website
  • – Download the tool you chose
  • – Extract the .zip file
  • – Open the [NameOfHackYouDownloaded].exe
  • – Open a roblox game
  • – Follow instructions on the tool you downloaded
  • – Enjoy :D


Download Link:

In the unlikely event of getting banned or to prevent:


Features: There are just too many, find them all listed under the description of each tool :)


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Still works
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