PUBG Mobile Hack For IOS – 100% Free Without Jailbreak

PUBG Mobile Hack for IOS device - Free Game Cheats

PUBG Mobile Hack For IOS – 100% Free Without Jailbreak

You might have confused about PUBG Mobile Hack for IOS? There are many hacks available for Android and nobody talks about PUBG Mobile Hacks for IOS. Today I am going to share with you some popular hacking scripts that many IOS hackers use. The last one is too exciting if you can use it then nobody can stop you from taking the chicken dinner.

So what is that last hacking script about? Well, we will discuss it in the detail at last but for hint just keep in mind that your health will not decrease by even 1% even if you are in the blue zone that is out of the safe zone. Isn’t it cool? Yea it might shock you but yes it’s available and you will find videos online that proves that Health hack in PUBG Mobile is available and especially for IOS too.

Features available in PUBG Mobile Hack for IOS:

  • Auto Aim or Aim-bot
  • Unlimited BP and UC hack
  • Wallhack and color Hack
  • No Recoil
  • Unlimited Health Hack

PUBG Mobile AimBot for IOS:

You might know this hack because everybody just talks about aimbot nowadays. If you get headshot even if you are in cover and get killed, then you spectate that player and see whether he is using the hack or not. Because one of the dangers PUBG Mobile hack script is this Aim Bot. whenever you shot to kill you shot the enemy at the head and the distance doesn’t matter also not the direction. Even if you miss the shot and hit the body shot the Script let you get a headshot by a sniper or any Assault rifle.

You just need to enable the script with name Aim Bot it takes around 10 to 20 secs to run and then you can take the shot. But be aware while you use this script. Because if somebody suspects you and think to spectate your gameplay and then reported your account then it may get banned by the PUBG Mobile.

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Unlimited BP and UC hack for IOS:

Yes, its true you can get Unlimited Cash in PUBG Mobile hack for IOS. There are lots of websites out there where they claim that they claim they can add unlimited BP and UC in your account. But I don’t think so because hacking the real PUBG Mobile App is not possible and that just with the website Impossible! But If you use any PUBG Mobile Hack Version then it may be possible that you will also get the Unlimited access to Battle Points and Unknown Cash in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Hack for IOS - Free Unlimited UC and BP

PUBG Mobile Hack for IOS - Free Unlimited UC and BP

Free Unlimited UC and BP

I have not tried this hack version for IOS but it works well on Android and if you try then you might get to know it works or not. If you feel this Hack is not working on IOS then let us know in the comment box.

PUBG Mobile Wallhack for IOS:

Who doesn’t know about wall hackers? When PUBG Mobile Hack or MOD app was launched, many players were confused because they were getting killed even if they were in the house. A PUBG Mobile Hack user with Wall hack script can see the enemy and even kill them hiding behind the wall, Rock, Tree, or any building. Actually, the player behind is visible to the hacker just because of a color hack.

PUBG Mobile Hack for IOS

PUBG Mobile Hack for IOS

PUBG Mobile Wall Hack and Color Hack

When you use Color Script and Wall Hack Script together then even if the enemy tries to hide can’t hide. The players and vehicles are visible in one plane color like plain white, plane red, etc. and these primary colors are easily detected in the game.

Nowadays nobody or even very fewer people use this hack because PUBG Mobile servers and even Players without hack understand that you are using the Wall hack script. So to avoid an instant ban on PUBG Mobile account many of hack users avoid using this wallhack script.

PUBG Mobile No Recoil Hack for IOS:

No recoil, boss this is the only one hack that has not been detected by PUBG Mobile servers. Even PUBG Mobile Developers are working on this script to detect, because even if you use the No recoil script then think you can use AKM with no Recoil. And you know the Assault rifles that can make a lot more damage but has too much recoil. But if you have no recoil for that AR and same damage then you definitely get the chicken dinner.

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Even some smart PUBG Mobile Hack user those are using PUBG Mobile hack for IOS and for Android uses this script only. Because they know how to play PUBG Mobile like a pro player but what if you have zero recoil Rifle. Even the top player will fail to kill you. And this script is very difficult to detect by servers and even if anybody Spectate your game then you are safe.

PUBG Mobile Unlimited Health Hack for IOS:

This PUBG Mobile unlimited health hack is really awesome, and new thing that you might have heard or read now. If you search on YouTube and watch the videos of PUBG Mobile Unlimited health hack. Then you will get to know the player using this script is in the blue zone and his health was not draining even by 1% and he was not using any boosters.

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This video shocked my mind and I am now sharing this thing with you. Let the other hack users by one side and this hacker by one side. What do you think who will win in this condition please comment? Using this hack script is really simple same as other scripts. Just choose the script and run then check your health bar, I hope it will work on your phone.

PUBG Mobile hack for IOS

PUBG Mobile hack for IOS

PUBG Mobile hack for IOS

How to Download PUBG Mobile hack for IOS?

  • To download this Mod application click here.
  • Make sure you uninstall the original PUBG Mobile App.
  • Now Install the Hack application.
  • Open this app and then sign in using the guest account
  • Now open the app and play the game.

Disclaimer – We do not encourage people to use a hack or MOD Apk of any Game, This article is just for Knowledge purpose how other people are using the Hack of any Game. If you have any complaints please contact us.

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