Quick reference for DotA 2

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Quick reference for DotA 2

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Greetings! This app is for people like me who are not always sure which hero to play, or would like to know a bit more about the heroes people select (friends and enemies!) to get some idea of what i’m working with or coming up against!

There is also a tactical screen to be run alongside your match – helping you with timings and even helping you decide what items you need to battle your enemies.

The hero selection screen is designed to help you decide what hero to play given the lane and role you want to play. Or maybe you just want a bit of information to find out what hero fairs better against one of the enemy heroes, this should help some.

The tactical screen can be used to help decide your items, track enemy tp’s, Roshan and shrines. It will even give you a 20’s warning for jungle and rune spawns.

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