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This Overwatch Hack is currently the best one in the market of overwatch aimbots made by BeHax. Here are some of the features of the cheat.

Aimbot :

  • Check for Visibility

  • Lock on Style (Automatic, Only when Firing)

  • Target Priority (Closest Target, Closest to crosshair, Lowest Health)

  • Aim Humanizer (+ Configurable settings)

  • Lock on Cone (+ Configurable angle)

  • AutoFire (Off, On)

Radar :

  • ESP (+ Configurable for Players, Defenses and Goals)

  • 2D Radar (+ Configurable radar scale)

  • Info Styles (Distance, Playername, Ultimate CD, Skill CD, Health, Armour)

  • Healthbars

Corrections :

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