Rainbow Six: Siege Cheat Released!

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Rainbow Six: Siege Cheat Released!

Download Rainbow Six: Siege Cheat Released! for FREE

Take your team to victory with CheatAutomation’s Rainbow Six Siege cheat, our latest release that gives your operative the tactical tools to shut down your opposition. Our software includes a deadly aimbot for locking onto, and dispatching enemy combatants with options like field of view and custom aim keys.

Scout out your opponents with full 3D ESP and 2D Radar that shows you the exact positions of enemies, including incredibly valuable tactical information like head-dot ESP and aim direction with traceline ESP.

The CheatAutomation Siege hack is enhanced with our Black Panther menu, which makes configuring the cheat through the mouse driven menu incredibly easy, and allows for ESP color configuration and saving your settings for a truly personalized experience.

With our cheat, dominate online and earn operators and unlocks faster than ever before. Best of all, our cheat is undetected by the game client.

New cheat page for 2020: https://cheatautomation.com/rainbow-six-siege-hacks


Rainbow Six Siege Hack Features:

Deadly Aimbot


Auto Aim

Aimbot Key

Limit Field of View

Field of View or Distance Mode

Draw Lock-On Message

Smooth Aim

Aim Point Selection (Head or Center of Mass)

New! Camera ESP


3D Bounding

2D Bounding

Traceline ESP

Head Dot ESP

Head Box ESP

Custom Colors for all ESP entities

Show Player IP

Drone ESP

Explosive ESP (Including Grenades)

Shield ESP

Turret ESP

And more!


Radar (resize, and movable)


Crosshair Size

Custom Crosshair Color

In-Game Mouse-Driven Menu

Undetected by the RB6 Siege Game Client

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