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Rainbow Six Siege Hack

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I wanna preface this by saying before I bought this hack about 2 months ago… I’ve never cheated in an online game… not even Runescape… so part of me feels very bad frown - Free Game Cheats

but the other large part, that is in charge of survival in RS6. In order to hunt down and eliminate the enemy team mercilessly, is very satisfied with the Iwantcheats Rainbow Six Siege hack performance.

I’m already a very good player (got gold 5 legit (couldn’t make it to platinum however bc of HACKERS)) but in order to combat the amount of hackers in Ranked I had to be able to compete effectively and on the same level or get destroyed. So here I am.

About the hack:

ESP 8.5/10 – perfect 3D boxed ESP, very accurate even when ADS. On some other (free and paid) hacks, the box will only approximately show their location – and the box will shift around when you ADS, causing you to die or get reported for prefiring. On This cheat however is perfect code.

Only reason I’m not giving a 10 is because BB disappears when you are dead (- .5) preventing you from calling out help to teammates. Also it is impossible right now to turn off drone, camera, and trap ESP (- 1) which I like to turn off in casuals sometimes. Bc honestly with the cheat, sometimes it is too easy.

AIMBOT 10/10 – best Aimbot I’ve used… forget walls this is the real reason to buy the cheat. I’ve tried several other aimbots on the market, this one is the most subtle and powerful by far. It’s got visibility check so you’re not constantly scoping in on faraway enemies, the ability to limit when aimbot will ‘take over’ – limit FOV – and it has an idiot proof lock-on message (whole box turns red) so you know when it’s safe to fire. The aimbot will ‘soft-drag’ your cursor towards the enemy head, so if you are good your snap will look very natural and fluid, especially with a ‘high’ aim smooth. However if you are bad and drag away from the head the aimassist looks very jerky and unnatural. This will get you reported.

All of the functions together are almost too much help so I generally avoid using this. Really it’s not so much of Aimbot as very powerful Aim Assist.. this will be real popular with those who do not have the skill to aim properly wink - Free Game Cheats .


Skip friendlies – works
Name ESP – works
Distance ESP – works. very important to have on other hacks where ESP boxes aren’t pinpoint accurate, not necessary with this hack
Head dot ESP – works and works well
Traceline – works very well – shows where enemy is looking. Really helps spot other hackers if you’re good
Drone, camera, trap, gadget – works on all gadgets/cameras/traps… doesn’t turn off unfortunately
RADAR – cheat implements a customizable 2D radar in top left corner of your screen – I never use it but it’s pretty accurate
CROSSHAIR – useful for blinds, never use it

Really, if you are a good player and are getting destroyed in ranked by suspicious players, it is very very very possible that they are hacking. Have you ever heard the phrase fight fire with fire? IMO it is the only thing that works (has worked) if you want to continue to enjoy this game unfortunately. I will quit cheating when UBI comes up with a good anti-cheat and stops other as well from hacking. i’ll spend my time in time-out then I will return to glorious, hacker-free R6S. But in the meantime this cheat is absolutely incredible smile - Free Game Cheats highly recommend, 5 out of 5 stars to the creators of Iwantcheats Rainbow Six Siege Hack.

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