Rainbow Six: Siege Ultra HD locator

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Rainbow Six: Siege Ultra HD locator

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Rainbow Six: Siege Ultra HD locator


How do I get the Ultra HD Texture Pack?


The Ultra HD Texture Pack is available as DLC

Uplay Users:
1. Click the Rainbow Six: Siege Tile in Games
2. Click on DLC
3. Click the Install Button

Steam Users:
If you have auto download updates enabled, the DLC will download automatically and install
To check this, you can open the DLC page for the game within Steam and check to see that the content shows installed

To Enable the Ultra HD Pack in game:
1. At the menu press F10 or click the right options menu
2. Choose Graphics
3. Set the Texture Quality to Ultra
You can track your Video Memory usage in the lower right corner
Changes applied in a match will not take affect until the match has ended as these changes cannot take effect in game after the map has already loaded

Please keep in mind that a minimum of 4GB of Video memory is needed to enjoy the Ultra HD Textures – (Even with all other Settings turned down to their lowest setting)
4GB Required

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