Riot Letting Players Switch Off Valorant Anti-Cheat Tools When They’re Not in Use

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Riot Letting Players Switch Off Valorant Anti-Cheat Tools When They’re Not in Use

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Riot makes a much-needed change to its upcoming FPS Game, Valorant, allowing players to turn-off its anti-cheat software when not playing.

Apr 28, 2020

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Riot’s forthcoming FPS game, Valorant, has made quite the splash, with Valorant dominating Twitch charts shortly after the beta began its rollout. And while the competitive CS:GO and Overwatch hybrid has proven immensely popular, that hasn’t kept it from one key piece of criticism— how it handles its anti-cheat software.

For those unaware, Valorant runs its anti-cheat software at system startup, meaning its always on— even if the game isn’t running. While that’s fairly common practice with FPS games, it did lead to some concern among fans, believing it may become a hotbed for system vulnerabilities. However, Riot is now allowing players to turn it off when Valorant isn’t running.

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In a Reddit post, a Riot employee elaborated on the change, which will now make the player’s computer display a system tray icon anytime Valorant’s Vanguard anti-cheat is running. From there, players are free to disable the software, though they’ll need to reboot their PC before they can play Valorant again in order to restart the anti-cheat.

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Players can also uninstall the anti-cheat software if they plan on rebooting their system multiple times before playing Valorant again. The game will automatically reinstall the anti-cheat the next time players launch the game, removing any worry about the software causing a system vulnerability, and allowing them to play the game as much as they wish.

It’s a change that many fans are sure to appreciate, and one that should allow Valorant‘s competitive esports scene to flourish without cheaters. The game’s beta has been popular, but the transition from beta to full release will likely bring a new set of challenges for Riot, especially if it wants the game to have a future as a major esport.

Valorant has banned cheaters, which means that there have already been a few ways to get around the anti-cheat software. Still, cheaters being caught is all one can really ask for in a competitive FPS game. There’s still a long road ahead for Valorant, one that will likely mean competition between the other hero shooters flooding the market, but Valorant seems to be in a solid position so far.

Valorant is currently in closed beta.

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Source: Reddit

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