[Selling] Entropia – cheap & legit Overwatch Memory Aimbot

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[Selling] Entropia – cheap & legit Overwatch Memory Aimbot

Download [Selling] Entropia – cheap & legit Overwatch Memory Aimbot for FREE
Originally Posted byPrilannView Post

The Hack is working really good. Clean UI and nice aimbot.

Originally Posted byballsackzakView Post

Insanely good aimbot, especially for tracer. Will look completely legit in killcams with the right settings while still giving you godlike tracking.
Seller is incredibly friendly and supportive – I had some super dumb questions but he was very patient with me ;D

Originally Posted byheatblastView PostComing back from ordering and testing the cheat myself.
I must say that i was suspicious as others since the account is pretty new and without so much vouchers but i really wanted to cheat and other cheat devs were not responding.
The cheat exceeded my expectations since the reasons i stated above plus it was really cheap for its price.
Gonna try and give a somewhat detailed illustration of my experience:

1) Support: 10/10. The guy was like all day online, and delivered within 10 mins after i placed my order. Gave me instructions and helped me when i had a little problem with the offsets.

2) Aimbot/ Anabot: 10/10. Pretty much all you need, it tracks very smoothly and accurately without having to set 100 things first.

3) Flickshot/ Triggerbot: 9/10. This is the most impressive thing i’ve ever witnessed in a cheat. After some hours of setting it up it works so good for McCree /Ashe and feels like you are a freaking pro. I gave a 9 cause im still configuring widowmaker.
The best part is that with all of that, the program is extremely light for the CPU, i didn’t have any FPS drops and the GUI is simple and beautiful.
Definitely would recommend it.

Originally Posted byKaito92View Post

Good customer support, honest person

Originally Posted byPizzaisLifeView PostAlright, the aimbot is very handy and smooth, u can alter settings realtime however u want, works best for soldier, cree, and genji rmb, flickshots and triggerbot is so-so, overall its a solid bot with such cheap price, nothing to expect more….

Support : the support is realtime and fast and available throughout the day, quick and easy.

+vouch from me !!!

Originally Posted byShiosakaView PostGood legit aimbot, flexible settings, understandable gui, great support.

Thank you for the product

Originally Posted byThurssView Post

Can’t express how smooth and handful this one is compared to the others, also the support is almost realtime, and they do listen to you and your feedback
+vouch from me

Originally Posted bypringles01View PostTried hundreds of settings for one week.

1) Support: 10/10. Seems 24h online.

2) Aimbot : 7/10. Pretty much all you need, but not strong(well… to me)

3) Flickshot/ Triggerbot: 7/10. I’m still trying to find good settings

I recommend this aimbot if you can play OW for fun. If you want to raise your SR ? hmm try your luck.

+ vouch from mesmile - Free Game Cheats

Originally Posted byLittleMercyView PostGreat hack, I was able to find the settings I likesmile - Free Game CheatsSupport is also really fast and helpful.Originally Posted byTGKView Post

The bot is excellent if you want to fully customize your settings. The community is pretty good about helping each other with configs, troubleshooting, etc. Customer service is awesome for only having 1 person. Set up is a breeze and the GUI + controls are top notch. This is a great choice for the price. Definitely will be returning.

Originally Posted byly19921212View PostJust tried today. Pretty legit aimbot. The customer service is awesome and the community is always very helpful. It works very well on Ashe, Mcree, Tracer. Haven’t quite figure out the Ana but it could just be my settings problem. You would need some customization here or there but overall it is a good aimbot.

Installation is easy and the GUI is clean. Given the price, excellent aimbot

Originally Posted byrichardlangView Post

Best pixel aimbot. Instant Delivery. It is very good aimbot for Tracer,Mcree,soldier 76, it looks super legit in killcams with the your own settings.Also very good customer support.

Originally Posted byErfmanView PostHi,
I want to point out that I have used all that is done in bot with the various scammers, those that work really little or very bad ( Insomnis, Gotachabot, …). I also bought licenses for life with sellers who do not follow up anymore and get bogged down with the money (Sharpeye).
So I tested this software 3 weeks before you do my analysis.

For example 4 months at Insomnis where their site was down and their software not usable, a real scam and yet they came back easily on this forum as if nothing had been with the admins who erase the old posts. Gotachbot that I bought and that never worked properly while a dozen people have the same worries, same refrain. Sharpeye who sold dozens of licenses at 150 € instead of 250 € and who crossed with the money.
I do not count the (6) lost accounts including a lv 800+ because they (all) never give any info anywhere on the current bans nor on the new versions of software. It’s like they’re pissed off coming to the forum.


I use windows 10 with a 1440P screen in 27 “and 144hz

Entropia :
I have not received a ban or a suspicious player message yet.

Tried hundreds of settings for three week.

1) Support: 10/10. The support is almost always online on Discord and although it can take several hours to answer sometimes it’s almost in the minute!
At home I had a problem because of the previous bot that had modified parameters and he could very quickly answer me with a solution. I also had a vision shift problem that was a bug, it was fixed by itself in an update.

2) Aimbot : It’s very variable from one avatar to another and I will say that it goes from a 4/10 for a Widow to a 9/10 for a Solider, Tracer, Sombra. The tracking is very good too but it requires a very precise and very different settings for each character. It took me a long time to refine them but there are other players on Discord who share their configs which are very good.

3) Flickshot/ Triggerbot: 6/10. It is a little above average. Sometimes even manual aiming will be better than the activated one. But this remains very variable depending on the hero. The bot is for example very good on Ashe and bad on Widow because too slow even with parameters defined as hard. By cons no software in this price range does better !

4) Anabot: 9/10. Some competing bot sells it in the pack while in fact it’s a lie, they never work or never is included.
Here I can tell you that not only is he present but that in addition he is extremely in addition to having his own dedicated menu.

The settings are very thin and can be confusing at first because it may seem unclear or shaky when not, it’s because they are not well adjusted.
You have access to 11 profiles is huge! Most are limited to 2 in the basic versions.

o sum up: This is by far the best bot I’ve found in a year for this price / quality ratio.

(sorry if you do not understand everything because I am french)

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