Serious Sam 4 All Cheats, Trainer & Also Unlock All Weapons & Skills

serious sam 4 - Free Game Cheats

Serious Sam 4 All Cheats, Trainer & Also Unlock All Weapons & Skills

Download Serious Sam 4 All Cheats, Trainer & Also Unlock All Weapons & Skills for FREE

serious sam 4

Serious Sam 4 is a first-person monster hunter shooting game developed by Croteam. To activate cheats you don’t need to mess with any files. All you need to do is type code in the console which is mentioned below and you can have all the fun in the game.

Serious Sam 4 Cheats & Console Commands

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To activate cheats in this game all you need to do is press the “~” key to open the console. In there you need to type cht_benablecheats=1. If your cheat is enabled, you will get a notification that the cheats are enabled on the right side of the screen. Make note if you are enabling the cheats, no achievements or high scores will be recorded and your name won’t show in the leaderboards.

To check the list of all the cheats available in this game, type cht on the console and press the TAB key to scroll through all the cheats. Below you will find the list of cheats available in this game.

cht_bAllowAllArrangers – Allow solving for all arrangers.

cht_bAllowAllPuzzleMechanics – Allow all puzzle mechanics.

cht_bAutoAim – Automatically aim enemies.

cht_bFly – Allow you to fly.

cht_bGhost – Ghost cheat.

cht_bGiveAll – Give all cheat.

cht_bGod – God Mode.

cht_bIgnoreDamageInGodMode – will not take any damage in god mode.

cht_bInfiniteAmmo – Infinite Ammo

cht_bInfiniteStamina – Infinite Stamina Cheat.

cht_bInvisible – Become Invisible

ch_slGiveArmor – Example ch_slGiveArmor=50 will give 50 armor.

cht_slGiveHealth – Example cht_slGiveHealth=50 will give 50 health.

cht_slGiveSkillPoints – Gives a skill point.

cht_slResetSkills – Reset skill point.

Note: There are other console commands too which I think you won’t need but to check all the cheats you can type cht and press the TAB key. For all the cheats to work, you need to put “=1” at the end to activate them. Some of the cheats didn’t work for us like ghost, invisible, and god mode. If the cheats are not working for you, try the trainer mentioned below.

Serious Sam 4 Trainer

You can download the trainer from HERE. The trainer is also compatible with steam. With this trainer, you can edit the following things.

• Invincible Player
• Super Damage
• Unlimited Ammo
• No Reload Pistol
• Unlimited Gadgets
• Activate Cheats
• Fly Mode
• Invisible Mode
• Ghost Mode

• Turbo Mode
• Reset Mission Timer
• Game Speed
• Edit: Skill Points
• Edit: Current HP
• Edit: Current Armor
• Edit: Score
• Edit: Kills

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