Solved – Rainbow Six Siege

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Solved – Rainbow Six Siege

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Yes, i have all these hack features, im not a bad programmer – so these part of the hack is very easy.
I dont have the names offsets of the players yet, because the name is up to 20 times in the memory, and you have only 6 minutes to look for it (than the round is over).
If you have the entity list it’s not like in counter-strike that you have all the information in one line – for example the health value: (0x0, 0x20, 0x4a2, 0xc1) / current position: (0x0, 0x128) – 0x0 represents the player pointer offset which you have to increase by 8.
So to compare and search for a different team value you have to follow a lot of pointers in the entity structure.
“Also you should be able to find a player ID number or which element your player is in the array that can be used to distinguish you from other players.” – how do you would do this?
A pointer that shows the current watching player could be possible – i can try figure that out in the spectator mode.


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