Source Code – Valorant Hacks & Offsets

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Source Code – Valorant Hacks & Offsets

Download Source Code – Valorant Hacks & Offsets for FREE
Riot has taken a big shot at the competitive CSGO community by releasing Valorant, a game that:

  • is better than CSGO
  • is 8 years newer
  • has better graphics
  • features more complex combat mechanics
  • retains the same basic gameplay elements that made CSGO successful

But it’s biggest selling point is it’s extreme stance on cheating. They are seeking to upend the competitive FPS genre by providing the first real “secure” gaming experience.

Game: Valorant
Company: Riot
Anticheat: Vanguard
Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Vanguard Anticheat

Vanguard is one of only a few kernel anticheats that runs at boot, joining the ranks of ESEA and FaceIt. Before you can load any other drivers, before you log into Windows, Vanguard is already running.

Offsets won’t help you much if you can’t bypass the anticheat.

Read more about Vanguard: Guide – Valorant Vanguard Anticheat Bypass

Unreal Engine 4

First off, Valorant uses Unreal Engine 4. So any tutorials or information regarding that engine will be very helpful for reversing Valorant.

Valorant Offsets

You can find some offsets here apekros/valorant_offsets

Dumped VALORANT ( SDK from smarken
Contains 2 files, one is the actual engine offsets the other is offsets for the game logic itself. This SDK dump should still be 100% valid or close to it. It contains more than 30,000 offsets for every possible variable you could imagine.

Lots of people are searching for Valorant so I figured I would make a short post about it.


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