Steam Community :: Guide :: CS:GO Identifying Hackers

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Steam Community :: Guide :: CS:GO Identifying Hackers

Download Steam Community :: Guide :: CS:GO Identifying Hackers for FREE
Its actually not that easy to tell a hacker from a skilled player. Some hackers are smart and toggle their hacks on and off while there are others who are stupid enough to go all out and make it obvious. First thing to do is to observe the hacker for a few rounds, on a casual server its esy to spectate but on a competitive game you will have to wait till its over and go over the footage in the watch tab. Hackers will usually be able to tell where you are on a map, get constanct head shots and get multiple kills in one field area with ease. Below are some of the ways you can check on a player to make sure they are legit:

Check their CS GO Profile

You can usually check their CS:GO profile, most skilled players will have a lot of skill badges next to their name like in the screen shot below. Most experienced players will have several skill badges or a 5 year service coin (some people farm acheivements too from offline or achievement servers). You won’t be able to see their competitive rank though unless you add them as a friend. This shouldn’t be your primary base of accusing someone as a hacker but just a quick glance to give you some idea.

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Check their Steam Profile

While in game you can press Tab then right click on the overlay score box to be able to access some commands like below.

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Now you can easily view their steam profile and look for the following factors:

1- Number of hours on CS:GO ,anyone with about 300 hours on CS:GO can play fairly well. Hackers will usually have a very low number of hours, anywhere between 10-70 hours at the most. Pro’s will usually have 1000+ hours on CS:GO. Someone with 20 hours on CS:GO but 1000+ hours on CS 1.6 or Source can also be good at the game, so make sure to check that too.

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2- VAC Bans, if you see a player with several VAC ban you can tell he has a habit of hacking or beating the system, the VAC ban counter on the profile lets you see how many bans the player has received and how many days it has been since the last ban. Unfortunately though it wont tell you what it was for, some players have bans for using scripts in steam stores and bad trades but their in game hours will help give you a clue.

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3- Game library and Inventory, most hackers will usually only have one or two games in their account and almost no items in their inventory. Someone who uses steam alot won’t want to risk their game collection therefore hackers prefer to maintain seperate accounts just for using hacks. They will also have a no “years of service” badge in their profile.

4- Private Profiles, theres nothing wrong with having a private profile but it does raise some concerns when people are trying to hide information. Smart hackers tend to keep private profiles to hide their game hours

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Finalizing a hacker through the following data:

If you’re lucky enough to have had access to all that information and after having seen how the person plays, you should be able to make a calculated decision on whether to report the player or not. Finally also beware of smurf accounts, these are secondary accounts skilled players (might no be pro but just good players ) make to play CS:GO for several reasons, either a)collecting drops b) trolling c)matchmaking issues for higher levels in some regions.
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