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Steam Community :: Video :: League Of Legends

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This is the best way to get RP!!!! BEST HACK EU/NA 2014 Okay this video is not real RP Hack, all my content always been educational and same goes for this. RP & IP Hacks are scams. They don’t really work and you should stop searching for them since there isn’t any real ones. Also these websites like or are big scams. They will ask you to fill out survey (Where they get money) or just insert your username and password so they can steal your account. Usually you see a generator in video, this is just a visual scam the generator will generate random number, but they don’t really work. Hopefully people will see this video before they get cheated on other RP Hack/Scam Videos. RP Generator Do not trust Hacks or scams people. Best way to get Free RP is to Transfer Turkey/Russia and buy RP with paypal or credit card, you get around 15-25% more RP by doing so, but this is only legitimate if want to buy lot of RP at the same time (talking about 6-10k RP). Once you done the purchase you should transfer back. Explanation of transferring RP values and stuff here –

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