Understanding the basics of CS:GO Hacking (and how not to get caught)

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Understanding the basics of CS:GO Hacking (and how not to get caught)

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Henry Zhang

If you have ever played a multiplayer video game you’ve probably seen something like this:

Nothing out of the ordinary here!

Often times you’ve just entered a server to find that your fellow players have god-like aim and the uncanny ability to see you through walls. UGH. Playing against hacks is like playing the Monstars without Michael Jordan. Utterly ridiculous. So after years of innocence I decided to see how easy it was beat the system. I picked a game that I was familiar with: Counter-strike (15 years) and trolled the internet looking for some of Mike’s secret stuff.

It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. I mean like silly easy. There is a thriving multi-million dollar hacking business that lives off of creating, selling and reporting computer game hacks. A low estimate for CS:GO puts hacking at around 25,000 unique users per month! That’s a lot of rage quitting…

After some quick google / Youtube searching I was pointed toward the “premier” hacking forum for CS:GO:


Truly ugly design. Fantastic hacks.

If there is anything you need to know about hacking video games this place is to find it. On UC you can browse thousands of free and paid hacks for a variety of different PC and console games. The main difference between paid and free is that paid hacks runs through an exe and automatically handles built in Anti-Cheat systems like VAC. Free hacks or “pastes” are much more difficult to run and often times require an injector which pushes your code into the game itself. Paid hacks are generally easy to run and have shelf life of a few months while pastes are generally difficult to set up but can be almost undetectable.

I picked a free hack called INDIGO and created a brand new steam account to experiment. This turned out to be key as I often bungled my code and could have easily revealed my account to the watchful eyes of the Anti-Cheats.


So after a full night of messing around with Microsoft Visual Studio (standard for editing hacks) I got myself a semi working wall hack / aim hack that didn’t get me reported to the police.

Indigo’s built in player highlighting and auto aim.

Now I won’t go into the exact details as to how to configure your hacks as the instructions as usually pretty detailed. However a frequent mistake that beginner hackers (me) trip up on is the use of junk-code. Junk code is the secret to keeping paste hacks undetectable. Think of junk code as random lines of code specifically built to trip up anti-hack programs.

Please don’t tell my mom!

The idea of junk code is to write an incredible amount amount of nonsense code so that the automated anti-cheat program will miss your actual lines of hacks in the gibberish. Without junk code your hacks are exposed to the outside world and you WILL be caught. At first I thought to myself “I can totally Macgyver up some gibberish lines! I can barely code anyways!” However it is much more complex than that. The more random your code is the higher chance of anti-cheat slipping up and missing your actual code. I also neglected to realize that every single folder of cheats has to be populated with junk code. That is a lot of random code. Eventually I ended up finding a junk code generator that quickly produces random if statements, if statements with an else, while loops that only run once, and try/catch.

Give me random code!!!!

This way our program can do the code generating and I simply had to paste it inside some folders. Now all the carefully written hacks are hidden within lines of carelessly formulated garbage. SWEET!

Now that the hacks are configured and junk code ready to go you can mop the floor with anyone on CS:GO. Recognize that you now have super powers in a game where no one knows you have super powers. Similarly to Peter Parker you must remember “With power comes great responsibility.” What do you hope to accomplish by cheating? Cheaters that blatantly hack will be discovered within a few hours of their rampage. Cheaters that use hacks with a true understanding of the game and posses great discipline can stay undetected for a lifetime. I have compiled a list of common tips to keep your hacking on the DL. No one can promise you that you won’t get banned but following simple tips and keeping your hacking to a reasonable level will go a long way. Happy hacking scumbags!!!

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