Valorant cheat! Esp only (wip, functional)

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Valorant cheat! Esp only (wip, functional)

Download Valorant cheat! Esp only (wip, functional) for FREE

I am posting advertising a Valorant cheat that is currently being developed by me and a friend of mine.
The cheat has only visual enhancements and no aim assistance and is designed for legit play (hence no aimbot), once we have a good
working legit aimbot it will be added to the cheat.

The cheat currently has these features:

– ESP Box (Currently Enemy Only and No Colour Selection)
– Enemy HP
– Ultimate Warning (Just because we could)
– Weapons
– Snaplines

We have decided to keep the cheat slotted at a maximum of 15 slots, there are currently 4 slots being used out of the 15 and they are
the two developers, a tester (close friend) and a future user.

More features will be added as we continue to develop but we wanted to get this cheat out ASAP whilst we can for all the people who
desire a cheat for Valorant.

For more information, e.g. Pricing, Subscription lengths, add my discord: salvage#8185

P.S: If you wonder why we state “future user” The cheat currently isn’t released to the “public” / userbase, we have a few things to polish but
we are accepting pre-orders and subscriptions that will not start until the cheat is released.

P.S.S: Regarding Bans, We have so far not had a single banned account in the development cycle of the cheat, but in the case of a ban-wave all users will be
rewarded with extra subscription time and an HWID Spoof.

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