Valorant Download Size & How to download Valorant

valorant download - Free Game Cheats

Valorant Download Size & How to download Valorant

Download Valorant Download Size & How to download Valorant for FREE
valorant download - Free Game Cheats

In only a few months since its official release on June 2nd, Valorant has managed to take the internet by storm. The competitive shooter by Riot has managed to garner millions of average players per day through its unique gameplay mechanics, a constant flow of updates, and active communication with the player base.

If you’re looking to start playing Valorant, it’s never too late. However, you might be wondering about the total download size of the game or the steps to download the free-to-play shooter. Look no further, because you’re at the right place.

Valorant Download Size

The download size of Valorant, combined with its anti-cheat engine Vanguard is initially around 8 GBs. However, once you download further updates, the size of the game might keep escalating. For instance, if you downloaded the game at launch, it may be above 10 GBs in size now.

Download Valorant is extremely easy and can easily be done in a few steps. To get your own copy of Valorant, simply follow these:

1) Go to Valorant’s official website.

2) Click on ‘Play Now’.

3) Download the game.

4) Complete the installation process.

5) Open the Client and wait for the download to finish.

6) Click on ‘Launch Game’.

If you don’t have an account, you need to sign up at Riot Games first. Don’t worry, the process is simple and only takes a few minutes. Once done, you need to reopen the game client and sign in with your account. Valorant will automatically launch and you’ll be able to enjoy the shooter hopefully without any issues.

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