Valorant: How To Get Free Skins

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Valorant: How To Get Free Skins

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Normally Valorant presents us with some interesting outfits, let’s see How to get free Skins

Even though Valorant really takes very little time after the closed beta has come out, there are endless activities to do and elements to achieve, the Skins are some of them, the important thing is that here we have a quantity and variety to be incorporated into our weapons, they allow us to have designs perfectly adaptable to our tastes, some of these styles are purchased but here we also find some free ones, so here we will tell you how to get free Skins since this is possible.


How to get free Skins in Valorant?


 Contracts in Valorant allow us to get the skins but that is not the only way to get it since some are obtained by unlocking some achievements, or simply as rewards for doing some weekly or daily activities, it is very likely that as soon as the game is released we can count on some of them as part of the launch, at least the first days and that is already a gain for us.


 Normally the skins are only cosmetic elements, the ideal is to make each weapon unique thanks to these skins, it allows us to achieve some very interesting aspects and the least of all is that it has absolutely no influence in relation to the power of the weapons or the gameplay, to get these free skins it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  • Go to the weapons collection that the store has.
  • Then proceed to search for weapons that may be labeled where they clarify Specific Agent.
  • There we can see what are the skins that we can unlock as soon as we finish the contract of this agent.


 How to buy skins in Valorant?


 There is more than one way to get Skins, because our goal today is to know how to get Skins for free but there is also the possibility of buying them in the store, for this it is necessary to consider some aspects:


  •  It is necessary to be attentive to the choice of the weapon.
  • Get to check every day after the store is restored and if the skin is available buy it since we may not see it again in weeks.
  • The store has an update schedule and this happens every day at 8PM EST / 7PM CST, 5PM / PST.


 Why buy skin packs at Valorant?


 The store has some leather packages for sale and it is an option to buy them if we consider it necessary, since they are simpler packages because they are for simple weapons such as knives or daggers, it will only be necessary to have 875 points for each individual package.


  •  Here it is possible to have two interesting packages and these are:
  •  5,000 ‘value points are needed for a Luxury package.
  • 4,375 value points are required for a Reaver package.

 In this way we can put an end to our guide on How to get Skins for free, since they are necessary and interesting costumes for our weapons in Valorant.


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