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Valorant Points free!

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Valorant Points free?

At this Moment there is only one way to get free Valorant Points and that is this page. Only with site you can get free Valorant Points in less than five minutes. All you need is your Valorant e-mail. Go to the end of the Website and enter your email, select the amount of Valorant Points and Radiant Points you want. Accept our Terms and press the “Submit” Button. After the submit our Script will connect to the Riot Servers to add the Amount to your account. If we have too many connections, you need to proof that you’re a human and need to fill a Survey. But don’t worry, this Surveys are to 99% free!

Free Skins without Points?

Currently, you can get free skins while you play the game and level up. But these skins are not the premium skins that you can buy in the Valorant Shop. To get these skins for free you need to use our site. Press the first Button on the Page with “Skins” to get to the tool to unlock all Skins. Every Skin you get throws our Website will be unlocked forever! You can’t get banned, because we don’t save information about you. You’re a hundred percent anonyms. Free Skins

The points in the beta will be returned to you and you can spend them again on release. So you can try out new skins.

If we get more information about “how to get free Valorant points or skins”, we will inform you on this page. WIKIPEDIA NEWS

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