VALORANT – Vanguard Anti-Cheat resolutions!

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VALORANT – Vanguard Anti-Cheat resolutions!

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– – – Removing “VBox” and “gdrv.sys” files – – –

1.) Uninstall Vanguard, then go to Safe Mode.

2.) Search and delete any file with “VBox” in the name in “C:WindowsSystem32drivers”.– My file was named VBoxUSBmon.sys, another user’s was named VBoxmon.sys

3.) /u/MustyGroin also recommends here to remove “gdrv.sys”.

4.) /u/400Armor_Dva said that removing “cmudaxp.sys” (ASUS sound card) fixed the problem for him.

4.) Reboot and reinstall Vanguard.

– Originally found by /u/K1LLeR42Ohere– More details provided by /u/MustyGroinhere and here

– – – Turn Test Mode Off – – –

From this reddit thread by /u/Ri6eriumhere

– Open CMD prompt as Admin and type these in:


– Note: I had to disable my ASUS Secure Boot off in order to try this method.

– – – VGC Crashing – – –

From this reddit thread by /u/ouzio21here

– Run Services.msc

– Find “vgc”. Right Click -> Properties -> Change startup type to “Automatic”.

– If it does not say it is currently running, try clicking “Start”.

– One user reported that their Avast kept disabling VGC.

– – – ASUS Motherboard – – –

From a comment by /u/ker0ghere

– Reapplying the Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer patch (DRV_Audio_SSIII_VAC_PATCH_W10_64_VER10_20191001R)

– Reapply this latest Audio driver for your ASUS motherboard and OS.

– This was his specific driver:

– – – Gigabyte App and EasyTune – – –

– Multiple users have reported that removing these have solved their issue.

– Reinstall Vanguard after.

/u/MustyGroin also recommends here to remove “gdrv.sys” drivers in safe mode.

– – – Update and Sign All Drivers – – –

From /u/RiotArkemhere

– ” This problem can sometimes occur if your device drivers are out of date, not signed properly, have been modified or are otherwise kind of busted. “

– You can use sigverif or run dxdiag to find these drivers.

– Other detailed methods to find these drivers:

– One user fixed his issue by doing a full reinstall of his Nvidia drivers using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) in Safe Mode.

– – – Last Resort, using an old Vanguard file – – –

Originally posted by /u/CrankyDav3here and then re-posted here

– Use at your own risk. I did not use this method.

– Follow his comment to download the old VGC driver. Install it in Safe Mode.

– Most users appear to have to redo everything each time they start their PC.

– My concern is that you are using an old VGC file to bypass current VGC restrictions. This could warrant a ban and I’m sure it would be easy for Riot to blanket ban all users using old VGC files if they wanted to.

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