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-There’s no fall damage. Those who have experience in the Battle Royale genre have most likely tuned themselves to tackling terrain very carefully. In the majority of other games in the genre, fall damage is suffered when dropping from a great height, but that’s not the case in Apex Legends. You can jump off a sheer cliff and land on the ground below without even a scratch. A handy tactical advantage if your opponents are positioned below you.



-You Can Follow The Supply Ship To Get Ahead On Drops. Inside Supply Drops are a mix of gold-tier weapons, armour, upgrades for both and one-time shields or revives. They’re arguably essential towards the close of a round depending on how much time you’ve spent hoovering up loot beforehand, and knowing where a drop will be ahead of time makes all the difference.



-Communicate smarter. Even if you’ve got a headset on and are chatting with your mates? Use the smart comms at every possible opportunity. This is hands down one of the best innovations in Apex Legends, letting you ping a location, an enemy, a bit of gear, and having that beamed to the HUDs of your squad. It means that you can effectively communicate with players when you don’t have a headset, but it seriously enhances what you can relay to your buddies, both when scavenging and when in the thick of battle.



-Dotted around the map are a number of balloons that you can use to quickly redeploy. Simply run up to the base, zipline up the rope to the top and you’re back to flying across the map. You don’t gain a huge amount of height from this, so can’t get from one side of the map to the other, but it helps move you quickly toward your chosen destination and can help you rapidly close the distance on far off enemies.


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-Stay Close to Your Squad. Squadplay is critical to success in Apex Legends, where you jump into the arena with two teammates at your side. Working together, you can keep each other safe and outplay your opponents by combining your abilities. A well-placed Dimensional Rift by Wraith, for example, can put her team right on top of unsuspecting opponents, while Caustic can protect teammates by using Nox gas to drive away enemies. Try to strike out on your own, and you’ll be up against other teams who can easily overwhelm you. Stick close to your squad, and you’ll have a greater chance at success.



-Revive and Respawn Your Teammates. A tightly-knit squad can do something critical that no Legend can do alone: bring each other back from the dead. After your health is depleted, you’ll go into a downed state where you’re still alive, but slow and in need of medical attention. If you die before your teammates can help, they have one last shot to save you. Every Legend carries a Legend Banner that they drop when they die. Only their teammates can pick these up, and taking one to a Respawn Beacon will bring that Legend back to life. It’s a risky move, because the respawning process takes time and a revived player will return with no weapons or armor. But pulling off a successful resurrection can bring a team back from the brink of defeat, so don’t let the opportunity slip by.


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